Welcome to San Andreas Cops And Robbers!

SACNR is a server on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

It has a cops and robbers theme - you can play as a cop or civilian/robber and change at any time. You can also own houses, own and sell items at businesses, buy car bombs, grow and sell "drugs", do one of the many vehicle missions, or kill some of the people with bounties on their heads. You can rob casinos, stores, houses, businesses, and other players. The more risk you take, the more money you get - just don't get caught!

If you don't already have SA:MP, you should go and read more about it on our downloads page - it's fun!

For more information about SACNR, please visit our About page.


4th Jul 2016

We're implementing freedom as a July 4th update.

Enjoy your freedom themed hauls and cars. Ammunation is also offering 50% off all items to celebrate how free we all are.

Gotta update on Friday

1st Jul 2016

Today we are proud to announce that over the last few weeks, we have doubled the size of our dev team and have a huge update for you today. We have some new robbery mechanics, some bentung-fixes, nicer menus and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy these new features, as always leave us a comment with any feedback you have.


 - Blacklite, Jamie, Blake and SACNR Owner Gee



Group Business Robberies

Feel like robbing a business? Now you can team up with your mates and rob it together!

Any players in the same in-game group can now join in a business robbery by using /robbiz - but be careful; the more players, the higher the risk of robbery failure.


Gun Transfers

You can now give your selected weapon to another player using the new /givegun command - please note there are limitations to this:

  • The weapon you want to transfer must be selected as your current weapon
  • You can only transfer to players of the same class (e.g. cop to cop, civilian to civilian)
  • You must be in the same in-game group as the player you’re transferring the gun to
  • The ENTIRE weapon will be transferred - you cannot give anything but the entire gun (to prevent gun duplication)
  • Only weapons available at Ammunation can be transferred


Arrest System Updates + Inventory Items

Several items are now purchasable from the Meat Factory in northern Las Venturas (Whitewood Estates), marked by a spanner icon on the map:

  • Lock Pick - dramatically increases your chances of successfully breaking into a house, but can be broken during a break-in.
  • Duffle Bag - dramatically increases the profit gained by any robbery but also increases the amount of time you must evade the police.
  • Thermal Drill - dramatically increases your chances of successfully robbing a bank, casino, store or business, but can also be broken during a robbery

All of these items, along with the drug bag, will be confiscated by the police if you’re arrested, so keep away from cops!



I’m sure many of you have grown tired of chasing this guy and feeling defenseless - we’ve made some changes to reduce the massive advantages of bikes (this only affects Mountain Bike, Bike and BMX vehicles - NOT motorbikes):

  • Bikes are now destroyed when they reach 0% health, just like any other vehicle
  • You will be ejected from a bike when trying to high-jump if you:
    • Have a hit contract
    • Have a wanted level of 4 or more

Yes, you can still high-jump otherwise.


Achievements Overview

You can now view a list of upcoming achievement targets by using the /achievements (or /ach) command. This will display how close you are to reaching the next achievement for a given category (e.g. arrests, tickets, hits completed).



  • Medics can now see a player’s health in /i
  • Medics can now use /injured (/inj) to see the nearest 10 players with less than 100% health
  • Wayfarers are now spawned at hospitals to be used as medic bikes



  • Using $ldmg or $lastdmg will insert the name of the last player to attack you
  • Using $mfee now highlights the medical fees in purple - this means medical fees cannot be faked by other players



  • Using /hitback or /hb will place a hit contract on whoever hits you - if no amount is given, the default is $30,000
  • You can view a player’s previous names with /names
  • The /withdraw and /deposit commands now work inside businesses and houses, so you can use this instead of menus
  • New !id command on IRC echo, useful for finding a player’s ID from their name


Admin Events

Admins now have more options to control events, including:

  • Disabling medical fees
  • Disabling medic healing, drugs and fish
  • Disabling weapons


Other Changes

  • M4 and AK47 can now be used as drive-by weapons
  • Arrests now show as fancy-ass menus instead of plain text
  • All Of This Text Should Now Be Gone!
  • Complaint warnings are only shown if you were NOT the last person to reply, instead of every time
  • Game scores now include all legal missions
  • Hits are no longer cancelled on an unfair death
  • The Tiki statue can now be hidden by any regular player who has reached level 9


Bug Fixes

  • Animations can’t be used to clear the “buy” animation in businesses/shops anymore
  • Jumping from the Ammunation “buy” checkpoint to the exit should no longer work


Thanks a bunch to Potassium and Dr.Singh for their extensive help testing these updates!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who posted the suggestions implemented above:

[WT]Spider: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/42044-New-information-given-to-medic and https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43002-help-command-update

Arrow: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/41564-Hitback-cmd-can-be-used

D4th: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43080-Complaint-Notifications

Captain_Cold: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/42810-Legal-Missions-Suggestion

Invincible: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43384-Wanted-players-can-t-use-BMX

Looki: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/42711-Give-gun-suggestion

Master_Killer: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/36996-Damage-cmd

Nahuex: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43493-Paramedic-Motorcycle-in-Hospitals

sEarch: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43400-About-event-rules-ideea

Sonny_Barzzini: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/41850-add-new-cmd

TheShield: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43495-achievements



Small Script Update

15th May 2016

Just a small update today:

  • Wanted levels are now gained for shooting indoors.
  • Taking drugs inside the PD is no longer possible
  • Medics can see the number of players they've healed in /sts
  • Small IRC fix for people who use clients with dark backgrounds.

Changes to house value system

4th May 2016

Hello everyone,

Since the update on the 19th of April, you were able to sell houses you own for its current value, so you still get a decent amount of money back after you bought a house but can't afford its taxes or you can't find someone to sell it to.

Unfortunately, people have been abusing this system for their own personal gain.
Therefore, we are forced to go back on how it used to work, ultimately removing this feature.

From now on, when you sell a house back to the server, you will once again only receive a percentage of the propertys original value.
This means that you will have to think twice about whether or not you are able to afford the taxes before you buy a house for a lot of money.

Anything else regarding house values and taxes is still in place.


Drugs, Tax and Tractors

19th Apr 2016


Hi all, it's been just less than 2 months since our last real updates, since then we've been working on a few things to launch at the same time.


Drug Scanning.

(From Bear: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43032-Police-helicopter-to-detect-drugs)

Anyone who can get their hands on a Police Maverick can now /scan for nearby drug plants in their vicinity. We'll let you know how many drugs have been planted in the radius, then it's up to you to go and find them, it's not as easy as it sounds!

To speed up scanning, we've bound it to a few keys, "Numpad 0", "Left Alt" and "Left Ctrl" - (I find Numpad 0 the most convenient).


Los Santos Regular Player Club

(From [WT]Dirty: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/42955-Regular-Players-Club-LS-New-Location-Request)

The LS RPC can now be located at Alhambra behind the LSPD. This should now be much more convenient to get to and top up your armour instead of driving all the way out to Rodeo each time.


Forklifts and Tractors

You asked, we listened, you can now find these two overpowered vehicles near warehouses and farms across San Andreas


Business teleport bug fixed

Abused by a few, reported by many! No more will you have to fear players randomly teleporting to you after you've already killed them once.


House Taxes

Over the last few years, we've had a fair share of issues with house pricing/taxes/abuse. Today we're implementing a change which should stop house tax evasion being possible while also giving you a way to get a fairer price when selling properties to the server.

When you buy a house, the value is set to what you paid for it, but now it gradually drops over time, reducing house taxes the longer you own the property. You can no longer sell a house for less than it's worth, but as with the tax, after some time, the house will drop low enough for you to sell for lower prices.

If you find you no longer want a property you paid a lot of money for but nobody will buy it from you, selling to the server now gives much more money. The sell price is based on the current value of the property and not the original value. 

I'm sure as time goes on, we'll have to tweak the algorithms, but we'll let you know if and when this happens.



(From [WT]Spider: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43000-Don-t-Change-The-NRG-price)

We hear you, $25,000,000 is far too much for a bike that [WT]Dirty is probably going to fit a bomb to anyway, so we've dropped the NRGs back down to $500,000 each. We'd be interested in your feedback if you think this is too high or too low so please leave a comment or post on the forums and we'll see what we can do.


Vehicle Theft

(From Wolf: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/43083-Suggestion-(Vehicle-Theft-(name)-))

Just a small one, when stealing a car from another player, their name will now show up in your /crimes window, just as a few of the other crimes work.


Post bank letters

We had a bug reported a few times where people had post bank letters but couldn't read them as they had received too many. Letters are now sorted by unread first, allowing you to open everything.


Long Haul Missions

We've added several new locations to spice up long haul missions again, if you have any suggestions for locations, let us know.



As always, let us know what you think or if anything needs re-balancing. We can't promise to make changes right away but they'll be certainly be considered by the scripting team and by the admins.





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