Forum Rules

  • Please be respectful to everyone when making posts in the forums.
  • DO NOT post things such as:
    "ya well f*** you ban evader"
    "stfu fag"
  • Do not post your message if it does not contribute to the thread in question.
  • Stay on topic as much as possible.
  • Don't post messages which just contain spam - e.g. large blank spaces.
  • Keep your signature a respectable size - we will delete it if we find it to be too large. Use your brain!
  • Take advantage of the Edit Post (image) feature and USE IT whenever possible, instead of "double-posting".
  • If you bump your thread in the refund section, it will be trashed and you will not be allowed to re-post it.
  • Do not post screenshots of player complaints or ban appeals ever. Do not put them in your signatures, do not post them on the forums.

Breaking any of these rules could lead to a temporary or permanent ban. Please use your common sense!