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Created by Gee at 11th Jan 2017

You may remember a few years ago, we ran a donation promotion which gave out promo tokens and allowed people to exchange them for a special vehicle in the car shop. 


Today, we've started a new promotion for people using PayPal to support the server costs. Each donation will be given 5 tokens, these can be exchanged for new house interiors, a new business interior (more interiors coming soon), extended spawn options, doubled vehicle service pay and business icons. For more information, look out for the "S" icon in San Fierro - this marks the SACNR Headquarters building.


More services will be added over time, we have some ideas in the works, including a much requested option to remove the name change cooldown.


Please note, these donation tokens will only be given to players who donate using PayPal. PayGol charges us a large percentage to use their service and so less of the donation money actually gets to us.


Thanks to all of our donors for supporting SACNR, you help keep the server running for everyone else and it would be difficult to do this without you.



We've also implemented the prizes for the 2016 Christmas Event winners:

  • Team Santa players with at least 1 gift will be given 1 token.
  • Nikke (3rd place) will be given 2 tokens.
  • BLACK_DEATH (2nd Place) Will be given 3 tokens.
  • JeeperCreeper (Winner of Grinch team) will be given his extra property slots
  • Scarface_capone (Overall winner) Will be given his extra property slots and 3 tokens.



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Turbo @11th Jan 2017

Nice :D

[SS_Striker] @11th Jan 2017

the update that changed the world

Scarface_Capone @11th Jan 2017

put new update in banner

Potassium @11th Jan 2017

Yayyyyyyyyy I've always thought we should have things like this. I'm so excited for this! Great work guys!

=DCM=KrakeN @11th Jan 2017

Very good update, this will have more people new donation and ....http://i.imgur.com/B8xx76o.png

spindog @11th Jan 2017


Oreo_Cookie @11th Jan 2017

Say if you changed your Las Colinas House Interior is it permanent or will you loose it after sometime? If its Permanent Ill deffs Donate again. and if its a Yellow Int what int can u upgrade it to?

Nicholas_Oliver @11th Jan 2017

It sucks Jamie's ***** that you're only able to donate via Paypal since everybody can't get that. But I guess you don't need even more money.

Jamie @14th Jan 2017

Sorry :( Payment gateways are awkward and often cost more then they're worth.

SinikkaL @11th Jan 2017

put bob ross in banner

The_Gatester @12th Jan 2017

If I were to upgrade the interior of one of my houses to something fancy does the fancy interior stay until the end of time or does it go back to the default interior when I sell the house?

Jamie @14th Jan 2017

It stays with the house when you sell it, so possibly making it worth more.

[ZPD]Zilog @18th Jan 2017


[ZPD]Zilog @18th Jan 2017


ADOLF_HIPSTER @21st Jan 2017

Put bob ross in banner

DickLongman @23rd Jan 2017

Where can i see what interiors look like?

Oreo_Cookie @28th Feb 2017

any Bisiness Interiors coming? I donated now for the 3Rd time I want something good...

Dairis @2nd Mar 2017

@Jamie - Can i upgrade my rockshore west house to rare interior and it will always stay? Even if i sell it?