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Created by Jamie at 1st Apr 2017

When we pushed live the voting platform just over 2 weeks ago, we didn't expect it to get the response it did, we've been blown away with the reaction and knew we needed to do something about it

The dev team has been working night and day with no sleep and no breaks to make the server a better place.

Cop balance

  • We've re-balanced some of the vehicle spawns you find around airports. Everyone knows that cops are scared of flying so it's likely only civilians will find these.
  • A new off-road vehicle has been added to the car shop. Police pay isn't high enough to buy this though, so no worries again.
  • Time and time again, we heard about some of the OP weapons that cops get. We hear you. As of today, the standard issue nitestick has been replaced.

CIA Features

It's not all about civilians, CIAs are supposed to be undercover, so we've added a new undercover CIA vehicle to police garages. This is exclusive to CIA players. Cops are already OP and don't get this amazing new vehicle.

Death and destruction

Larger car bomb available? huh? Certified unsafe? eh? Rediculous range? what?


There's a new weapon on the block, and she's a beauty.

As always, let us know how you get on, have fun


(On a serious note, normal rules still apply, but please have fun)


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Markski @1st Apr 2017

put bob button trade in banner feature

Potassium @2nd Apr 2017

put bob julian in banner

Scarface_Capone @1st Apr 2017

Awww Hell No!

Scarface_Capone @1st Apr 2017

put rick astley in banner

Magmaring @2nd Apr 2017

I thought they would surprise us with better things...

SinikkaL @7th Apr 2017

Put EMPiiRE in banner

Zigg @15th Apr 2017

"we've been blown away with the reaction and knew we needed to do something about it"
April fools detected.