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Created by Blacklite at 28th May 2012

  • Assists are now counted as arrests, but the assist radius is now half.
  • Modified /sell - you can now use it to sell properties to other players with /sell [ID/Nick] [Price].
  • Changed property purchasing - to buy a property you must now "bid" on it (it's a private bid, so nobody can see how much you bid). All players have the opportunity to bid on a property up to 60 seconds after the first bid. At the end of the 60 seconds, the highest bidder wins.
  • When properties are sold using /sell, they keep the value that you sell them for. For example, if you /sell a property to someone for $5,000,000, the value of that property becomes $5,000,000. The only way the price can be reset is if the property becomes unowned automatically (unused for 2 weeks). House taxes are based on the house value, but business income is only based on the 'original value', which is stored against all businesses and houses.
  • Re-added car mod saving - cars at houses with mods should now be saved.


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Perfect_Strangers @28th May 2012



Ananya @28th May 2012

Awesome :) Nice :D..............

Mandar @28th May 2012

Thank you for implementing the 'small radius idea' thanks a lot bro....... :)

Elaine @28th May 2012

super like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Maxim @28th May 2012

awesome update :D

Murder @28th May 2012

Awesome job! How much meters is the radius of assists now?

Blacklite @28th May 2012

It went from 80 to 40 meters.

MK_Flash @28th May 2012


dkprince007 @28th May 2012

wohooo YAh gr8 update can anyone tell me abt bid thing i dont understand?

NGCloudy @28th May 2012

I still don't really understand the change of selling house / business :/
even if you explained it.. :(

dkprince007 @28th May 2012

and 1more thing i suggested this :)


Eagl3_Ey3 @28th May 2012

If we lose the bid we'll get our money back?, Nice update!

Eagl3_Ey3 @29th May 2012

Got my answer already

Hernyx_UY @28th May 2012

Mehh the only thing useful for me is the car saving part as i don't sell properties and i hate being cop

Human_slayer @28th May 2012

Nice update! I love it specially that car saving modification i can now save my LOVING MODIFIED BULLET :D

Slizer @28th May 2012

Great! I must try that out but it sounds fantastic.

LucyGaby @28th May 2012

great nice job Blacklite ;) love it

LucyGaby @28th May 2012

btw i the house co-owner would be great now

John_Lennon @28th May 2012

Now that is amazing! Those are some old but gold ideas I've been waiting to be implemented.

Watermarker @28th May 2012

yay! nicely done sir.

BupyC @28th May 2012

Changed property purchasing - to buy a property you must now "bid" on it (it's a private bid, so nobody can see how much you bid). All players have the opportunity to bid on a property up to 60 seconds after the first bid. At the end of the 60 seconds, the highest bidder wins.

This is for unowned houses, yes? So, after it is "green", you bid and then if you're a winner, property will be automatically transfered to your acc?

Charles_Bukowski @28th May 2012

silent auctions...this should be interesting

DoomHammer @28th May 2012

Drugs are more expensive too :D

KURZALEWSKI @28th May 2012

yay, i like the new assist idea. And these bids for the unowned properties are fucking awesome . Great job!

gurvir @28th May 2012

I have question ;)

As Cia can be bus driver, And now bus driver recieve pay too.
SO CIA will get Cop pay and bus service pay or only 1? ;o

PLz Help :)

Source @28th May 2012

Finally the economy issues have been addressed!

But I'd like to see more updates to the gameplay such as more missions, and more fun things to do.

Nano_Uy @28th May 2012

Wow this is freaking awesome! I remember it was proposed several times long time ago, and it's finally became true :D

Off-Topic: My house (http://www.sacnr.com/house/1477/) is spawning the car in Fort Carson, the house is in Calton heights. I'm just posting this as you mentioned that the modded cars would be saved.

Thanks for the update and the attention :)

[BN]ElFreaK @29th May 2012

really nice, great work!

spindog @29th May 2012

i had to change my underpants when i read about the car mod saving.

westen @29th May 2012

ahh! I had been waiting for this house update for so long, great job BL!

[MEX]huastalc @29th May 2012

Easy to read hard to make nice

[driftking]zOz @29th May 2012

best update ever :D :D

328 @29th May 2012

Heyhayayayayaya, the car mod save is back. Wooo. Now I dont have to make an elegy every time I connect. Also, just wondering but, if some moneywhore sells some mansion for like 1,300,000,000$ how will the new owner pay its tax? lol

Geneooo @29th May 2012

so we can have one house and one biz now :(

Zigg @29th May 2012

All these new things about properties look really good! But I have to admit I don't see the point in modifying the arrest/assist thing...

Emerson_Folador @29th May 2012

good job, now with this rules things will worth :D

pupupuma @30th May 2012

cheers blacklite
i really like new system especialy
car modification save cool :)
keep it up.
we are supporting you +1

Esperence @31st May 2012

car mod save ,not working ,i tried to save a black tuned Elegy with Nosx

/Q then rejoin,i found that the elegy is white ,no nos nothing

The_Forgotten_One @30th May 2012

Great update now you cant fear of failing it of buying it tough it would be funny to bid it and fail then rob the other people nice update :D

Esperence @30th May 2012

server lags ,maby because of this ,idk

sEarch @31st May 2012

super update ! good job blacklite ! :-b

more_fyah @9th Jun 2012

but the people now dont go sell with /sell id 200.000.000 cause the other guy go pay expensive house taxes...the people i think go do transfers + little value like always..

=DCM=Gen.Frankie @14th Jun 2012

Nice job Blacklite, I like all the new updates. :) Thank you!

No_merci @6th Aug 2012

I have a question about this.
If I buy a house to another player at $ 20,000,000, and I just want to sell or leave the house (green), I returned my 20,000,000? or give me another amount to sell it to SACNR Inc.