Welcome to San Andreas Cops And Robbers!

SACNR is a server on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

It has a cops and robbers theme - you can play as a cop or civilian/robber and change at any time. You can also own houses, own and sell items at businesses, buy car bombs, grow and sell "drugs", do one of the many vehicle missions, or kill some of the people with bounties on their heads. You can rob casinos, stores, houses, businesses, and other players. The more risk you take, the more money you get - just don't get caught!

If you don't already have SA:MP, you should go and read more about it on our downloads page - it's fun!

For more information about SACNR, please visit our About page.

Late June updates (v20.6.22 to v20.7.2)

01:07:40 2nd Jul 2020 by Markski

The following list of changes comprises all the updates released since the last post.

You can see these as they're released in real time in our Discord guild.

SACNR v20.6.22

  • Implemented vehicle towing - In every police department, you can now pay in the counter to have your vehicle towed to the PD. This is very useful if you're arrested and your locked vehicle ends up far away.
  • Removed old "Press 2 to go fishing" message when entering boats, now it tells you to stand on the boat and /fish instead.
  • Improved the look of trucking mission menus.
  • Increased the payout for trucking mission in active city.
  • Increased the amount of drugs you can stash at the dealer to 2,000 grams, increased the withdrawal price to $6 a gram.
  • Improved desync detection on players in fights.
  • Fixed being prompted to buy Sniper ammo if you had a Country rifle and vice-versa at Ammunation.
  • Fixed very creative but exploity way to buy BMX bikes at Carshop.

SACNR v20.6.24

  • When a player disconnects, their plants will stay in the map for 30 seconds before being unloaded. This should make quitting to avoid having plants stolen pointless.
  • When a player with a hit disconnects, the hit will be given to whichever player recently shot them last. They'll also pay bigger medical fees than normal. This should make quitting to avoid hit pointless and immediatly punitive.
  • The distance a cop needs to be from a player to freeze their post-robbery counter is now a bit smaller.
  • The amount of health a suspect must have before being arrested by law enforcement has been decreased from 30 to 10.
  • Adjusted ELO algorithm to make rank progression easier. (easier doesn't mean easy. it was just unfairly hard before)
  • Fixed ELO issue causing some player's ranks to display "Rank unavailable".
  • Fixed ridiculous "The active city is now error" message on server restart.
  • Fixed law enforcement being able to damage innocents on drive-by.
  • Fixed bug where drugs and money wasn't shown correctly in house Storage menu.
  • Fixed bug where robbery spree wasn't lost upon being arrested.

SACNR v20.6.27

  • Attempting to carjack but failing will also be in /crimes now.
  • Failing or succeeding to break into a house will show the owner's name in /crimes now (if they're connected).
  • Robbing a biz will show the biz owner's name in /crimes now. (if they're connected)
  • When using /house or /biz to list your properties, you can now enter the number next to the property name to activate GPS navigation to that property.
  • Changed a few counters and textdraws to look more consistent.
  • Medics can now /takecrate (but better be ready to run if you do - being an unarmed medic doesn't make you less of a target, to put it mildly).
  • You can now see the /combatlog of other players by specifying name or ID.
  • /ci only lists the present classes per city now.
  • The sound played when you're getting shot is slightly louder now.
  • Fixed a couple more TDM bugs that still existed because of the new damage system, but hadn't been found. (namely the one where you sometimes could one-punch kill players)
  • Fixed CIA and Army having their TEC-9's replaced with MP5's in the PD garage's weapon refill.
  • Fixed groupmates being able to damage each other.
  • Fixed tazed players being able to take damage.
  • Fixed /rank not displaying correct ranks sometimes.

SACNR v20.6.29

  • Implemented "Briefcase control" activity. A briefcase with money will spawn in the active city at random, and you'll have to find it in a coloured area of the map. The player who finds and holds onto the briefcase without being killed or arrested until a timer runs out, keeps the money. Just like with crates, you'll be allowed to kill the player carrying the suitcase to take it from them, and arresting them will give the arresting cops a hefty bonus.
  • Increased the time to return to active city without losing robbery spree to 90 seconds.
  • Fishing rod status and amount of bait you have is now shown in the fishing shop menu.
  • Replaced chinesse fishing rods with more durable ones.
  • Decreased the amount of fish bait you may carry to 30.
  • The progress bar when a fish is caught will start at 1/4 progression instead of 1/2.
  • Removed the annoying Bayside (LV) and Angel Pine (SF) spawns as they served no purpose other than to make people relog or ragequit.
  • A few fixes to the damage system regarding explosions and vehicle ramming.
  • Fixed purchasing ammo for empty weapons resulting in said weapon becoming unusable.

SACNR v20.7.2

  • Cop proximity bonus for robberies no longer exist outside the active city. You can thank civ-cop teaming twats for that.
  • When there's too many cops in the server, they'll receive smaller payments, bonuses, and tazers will be more likely to fail.
  • Added indicators on top of the head of players who are fishing, playing circle catch or eating fish.
  • Changed a couple of texts to use simpler, easier to understand english.
  • Slightly increased the effect on ELO made by civilian jobs.
  • If you have distance in /settings set to metric, you'll now see fish weight represented in kilograms instead of pounds.
  • Added /briefcase (/case) to see which player is carrying the briefcase, if any.
  • Removed being able to commit crimes and gain jail time when you're already in jail. This wasn't really used at all in years and nowadays it was nothing other than a nuisance.
  • The text and menus shown to cops when they arrest a player, and to the player who gets arrested, are no longer Written In This Annoying Pascal-Cased Style Anymore.
  • Fixed "Please wait before starting another robbery" text when aiming at a bank employee after joining a group robbery.
  • Fixes and more improvements to damage system, explosions and such shenanigans.

SACNR v20.6.20 and previous patches

20th Jun 2020 by Markski

The following list of changes comprises all the updates released since the last post.

You can see these as they're released in real time in our Discord guild.

Gameplay (combat)

  • Introduced a new damage system. Lag compensation measures, armour, health calculations, and weapon damage, are now all done entirely by the server. This means that HP Locking is now impossible, and SA-MP's less-than-competent lag compensation will stop giving laggy players a big advantage in fights.
  • Increased the damage of the Country Rifle significantly, making it a suitable competitor for the much more expensive Sniper rifle.
  • Increased the damage of the AK-47 slightly, making it a suitable competitor for the higher priced M4, and it's greater accuracy and range.
  • Removed the anti-dm messages for law enforcement, as the changes above make it impossible to damage innocents now, even through drive-by.
  • Increased the healing power of drugs a little, since the changes above fix all the bugs related to drug consumption.
  • Increased the healing power of fish a bit.

Gameplay (others)

  • Fishing mechanics have been overhauled - Rather than a single /fish command and a dice roll, fishing will now require you to wait for a fish to bite, and buttonmash to catch it. Furthermore, fishing now gives score (2 score per every 5 caught fish), achievements, and the biggest fish caught in a game day, along with the name of who caught it, is announced at the end of each game day. Fish are now also slightly larger and more expensive in average.
  • When you leave the active city, you'll have 60 seconds to return and not lose your robbery spree, instead of losing it inmediatly.
  • You can now buy all vehicle modifications (except nitro) from the donator mod shops. No more needing to travel to LS to tune lowriders, or SF to tune certain other vehicles.
  • Relogging to rob the same location or property several times in a row will no longer work. The only way to clear this now is by robbing a different location first, or when the server restarts.
  • You can now /duel for no money (by entering 0 as the amount).
  • Dying for a duel will now result in paying medical fees.
  • Increased the chance of finding weapons when robbing an Ammunation.
  • Increased the amount of days you can go without visiting a house and not pay taxes to 3. Also decreased how brutal overdue taxes can be in certain conditions for both types of property.
  • Added some miscelaneous achievements.
  • Dicing against other players in a Casino or Inside Track will use money from your bank account now.
  • You'll be able to rob a house if the owner disconnects AFTER you broke in.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Anticheat improvements.
  • Added a couple experimental desync detections and kicks. If a player is desynced while being arrested or killed, the arrest/kill will be given to the player who earned it, and the desynced will be kicked, and instructed to relog in order to play normally.
  • Arrests are now announced on IRC's #sacnr.echo and Discord's #sacnr-echo
  • Corrected a few typos, changed a few alerts to display secondary text with a smaller font as to not cover so much screen space. Also moved alerts down a little to not be covered by the chat at lower resolutions.
  • Notifications were made a little bit smaller, and they can stack and scroll if one needs to be shown while another one is being show.
  • Changed a few texts to look less stretched in 16:9 displays.
  • Added some text filtering to avoid colour tags (stuff like {00FFAA}) from making it into IRC chat.
  • Fixed exploit which allowed to save nitro with /savecar.
  • Fixed bug with ranks giving too much importance to old events when ELO scores were calculated.
  • Fixed weird issue with fishing progress bar.
  • Fixed TDM arenas not working.
  • Fixed losing weapons after leaving a TDM arena.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong fish was shown as the largest one at the end of each game day.
  • Fixed up colour and position of some HUD elements.
  • Fixed issues with partially picking up plants when your drug bag is nearly full.
  • Fixed a variety of issues causing players to not correctly register damage in certain edge/rare scenarios.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, suggestions, and bug reports. Keep 'em coming.

SACNR Dev team.

SACNR v20.6.5 - June script update

10th Jun 2020 by Markski

Hello, today's script update introduces the following changes.

Gameplay changes

When you have more than 5,000 grams of drugs inside your house, you'll be able to start Drug Delivery missions, where using either a Boxville or a Yankee, you'll distribute your drugs in several points of the active city for a larger payment than you'd get at the drug point.

/robhouse, the only location robbery command that we still had, has now been deprecated.

Starting today, you'll have to find the safes in each house interior to start a robbery.

Several UI/UX improvements. Besides from changing a couple texts and sizes here and there to make things look nicer, and leveraging some low-importance messages to notifications, the HUD colour options in /settings have been modified to be more consistent with each other.


  • Weapons and drug bags are now cheaper.
  • Increased effectivity of lock picks in houses.
  • Law Enforcement officers can now use the racing track creation tool, and do time trials. Races against other players are still limited to civilian and medic classes.
  • Along with the change above, doing time trials near law enforcement officers will no longer give you a wanted level, only Races will.
  • You'll not lose your Robbery Spree if you relog, unless the server restarts.
  • The measures which prevented players from entering a vehicle while being shot have been removed.
  • The measures which disabled the weapons of law enforcement officers who damaged innocents while doing drive-by have been removed.

Be advised that these last 2 were only removed because they were detrimental for the gameplay, affecting clean players far more than it affected those it targeted.

F-Abuse and attacking innocent players are still very much not allowed, and they will continue to be harshly punished.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Filters have been added to the Leaderboard in the website's tracks section.
  • The options in /gps have been re-oredered in a way that finding what you're looking for is easier.
  • Small changes to the stock management system in businesses.
  • Decreased max business income to $100,000. (And modified the value-to-income curve to keep the max at around the same)
  • Decreased max drug payout to $220 per gram, but market effects on drug prices have less of a negative impact now.
  • Modified random active city selector to have all 3 cities within a month, instead of switching from one to another week by week and skipping one entirely.
  • Improved AFK Detection.
  • The GPS Arrow and speedometer update a lot faster now.
  • Anticheat improvements.


The old Inside Track location in Battery Point, SF, introduced a rather large bug that completely went over me on testing, somehow.

San Fierro's inside track now has a new home in Doherty.


  • Fixed large vehicles such as Roadtrain becoming stuck in certain carshops.
  • (Possibly) Fixed robbery sprees being lost if you fell in the sea while still in the active city.
  • Fixed weird bug with $health, $armour and $hpsts quickstrings.
  • Other miscelaneous bugfixes.

As always, most of these changes were made thanks to your feedback and suggestions. Please be sure to join our Discord to keep up with us and other fellow players.


SACNR Dev team

SACNR v20.5.34 - Betting shops

22nd May 2020 by Markski

Hello, today's script update introduces:

  • Implemented Inside Track betting shops. These are located in San Fierro and Los Santos (/gps 7). You can dice against players in these shops, place bets on daily horse races, and of course, rob them.
  • Limited how much you can dice against players outside the active city.
  • Just like you can use .[text] instead of /gm [text], you can now use ,[text] instead of /me [text].
  • Unlocked achievements now show a name and description separately.
  • Business owners can now change the skin of their NPC clerks.
  • Thermal Drill now has a proper integrity/health value which deteriorates per robbery, instead of breaking at random. You can view it in /inventory (/in)
  • You can /eject (/ej) while being carjacked again. You still can't lock the vehicle once it's being stolen.
  • Fixed visual bugs and/or spawning in your house after changing your skin at the hospital.
  • Fixed hits on Law Enforcement officers being canceled if the hit placer was arrested.
  • Fixed Caligulas Casino guard going missing in computers which take too long to load the map.
  • Fixed NPC clerks being stuck with their hands up after a failed robbery.
  • Fixed /combatlog being full of "Invalid" damage entries.

Image of a Betting Shop interior

Furthermore, previous unannounced versions made the following changes:

  • /robstore, /robcasino and /robbank have all been removed. Now you must threaten the newly-employed clerks on the counters with your gun to rob these locations.
  • Username highlights on announcements now have a much more adequate colour.
  • Carrying a crate no longer slows down your vehicle. This change was made because the code related to speed limitation caused weird behaviour on the computers of players driving a vehicle being surfed by a crate carrier. (manifested as erratic vehicle movement, screen "glowing" effect or outright crashes). This might return if the reason behind these glitches is found.
  • Anti F-Abuse after exiting an interior and trying to enter a vehicle should be less agressive.
  • Fixed showing city name on screen after exiting certain ints in certain cities.
  • Fixed being able to exit a casino during a robbery, then resume the robbery counter when you re-enter.

As always, give feedback, suggestions and bug reports at our Forums, and come join us at our Discord, where you'll have access to several in-topic and off-topic channels, and a bridge to the in-game chat.


SACNR Dev team.

SACNR v20.5.28 + Racing system

17th May 2020 by Markski

  • Modification to the ranks system. Namely decreased how much actions that happened a long time ago affect your rank.
  • A few updates ago the amount of assists for a single arrest was silently limited to 2. Now the accuracy of who gets the assists has been improved.
  • Certain announcements will show a player's name in a slightly different toned colour to make them stand out.
  • You'll be able to see when players nearby have gone AFK and when they're no longer AFK.
  • Overall decreased overdue taxes (much more so for active players).
  • Changed order of certain guns in Ammunation to be the same as in businesses.
  • Increased ammo of bought MP5's and Tec9's to 300.
  • Improved looks of jail time and framerate texts.
  • Fixed police garage replacing sawnoffs and MP5's.
  • Fixed /dfi showing a double negative if you lost cash.

Previous major changes not announced on the website:

  • Added buttons to choose a class on skin selection, instead of having to scroll skin by skin. You can also click these buttons as many times as you want to browse for random skins.
  • Added an option in /settings -> Interface to select an alternative colour for the game interface. This is only available to donating players. Feel free to suggest more colours.
  • Modified many non-updated screen texts to use the new sharper text style.
  • You can now use menus while surfing a vehicle, they'll no longer close by themselves.
  • Improved detection of dangerous weather, and added dangerous weather bonus to Long Haul truckers (previously only for Pilots).
  • Changing skin at the hospital now loads much faster, and won't show a death in the kill feed.
  • Arrests no longer cancel hit contracts.

The objective of this post is to also bring attention to the new experimental Racing system. I've avoided talking about it outside of the forums due to it's experimental state, but I feel it's now it's near-complete enough to be worth looking into for most of you.

As always, keep feedback, suggestions and bug reports coming at both our Forums and Discord.


SACNR Dev team

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