Welcome to San Andreas Cops And Robbers!

SACNR is a server on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

It has a cops and robbers theme - you can play as a cop or civilian/robber and change at any time. You can also own houses, own and sell items at businesses, buy car bombs, grow and sell "drugs", do one of the many vehicle missions, or kill some of the people with bounties on their heads. You can rob casinos, stores, houses, businesses, and other players. The more risk you take, the more money you get - just don't get caught!

If you don't already have SA:MP, you should go and read more about it on our downloads page - it's fun!

For more information about SACNR, please visit our About page.

SACNR 2018 recap footage

00:39:43 15th Jan 2019

Hey all, I need some specific footage for the 2018 recap!

Please post in the thread below if you have screenshots or videos of any of the following things from 2018:

  • 2018 Easter, April Fools, Halloween and Christmas events
  • Chainsaw kills
  • Duels using /duel feature
  • Long haul convoys with new feature
  • Anti-Cheat bans - funny or real, both are good!


Thank you!

<3 Potassium

Xmas event results, server updates

6th Jan 2019

Hello everyone!

First off, thank you to everyone who took part in the Christmas event this year. We had 537 unique accounts log in and play during this time and 151 accounts who took part in the event!

Over the time the event was live, 34,296 gifts were either delivered or stolen, of those Team Santa delivered 16,381 gifts but Team Grinch managed 17,915! Everyone on Team Grinch has been given a token to spend however they wish at the SACNR HQ building in San Fierro.

The top player from each team will also be receiving an extra property slot, this year it's going to be Squeezy for Team Grinch with 4,620 gifts and suleman_pro for Team Santa with 2,600 gifts!

And finally any player who delivered more than 1,000 gifts will recieve an extra token! Congratulations Squeezy, suleman_pro, Aaly[], Vippy, Foxy, BAHKS, LilithV, Lorcs, Riqitch8, Markski, Matrix and Bestfriends.

Big thanks to Eero991, puuropuuro, Squeezy, Magmaring, Vippy, Gabu and Grayham for helping us find and fix some bugs during the event!


Next, we've got some updates which have gone live in the last few days which Markski has been working on:

  • Medics can now do ambulance missions, which require you to transport patients from their homes to the closest hospital. To start an ambulance mission just enter an ambulance as a medic and type /start
  • The vote on "fast"/"overpowered" skins removal is over. "Yes" won, so they've been removed.
  • (mostly) Fixed a bug which caused you to lose weapons if you died shortly after buying them in a business.
  • When a duel ends, now the accuracy of the winner is shown in the chat announcement.
  • Duels lost/won are now counted. You can use the command /duelsts to see the stats of any player regarding win/lost ratio and average accuracy. (If a field says "N/A" is just means there's not enough data)


Within the next few days we'll have the SACNR awards for 2018 up and ready for voting on, We'll throw another post up here when it's done. :)


Thank you to everyone who took part in our event this year and congratulations again to the winners.




Happy new year SACNR!

1st Jan 2019

2018 was a pretty great year for us, we’re so grateful for all the support we received this year and we hope to spend 2019 with you all!

Our 2018 recap video will be up in a few weeks, and we want your help with it! Upload your favourite SACNR footage from 2018 to YouTube and post it in this thread, and we’ll pick relevant ones to feature in the video!

See you soon with the video, hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday period!

xoxo The SACNR Team


SACNR Christmas Event 2018

19th Dec 2018

Christmas 2018

Santa has been spotted in San Andreas once again, spreading Christmas cheer by decorating the cities, and he might've left a little gift for everyone inside their houses! You will be able to open these on Christmas day - you wouldn't want to spoil the magic by opening them sooner of course!

In the meantime, some of you can help Santa out by starting a special Christmas mission of delivering gifts to houses all over the Active City! And for those party poopers who don't believe in the magic of Christmas, there's a special anti-Christmas mission for you to STEAL gifts from people's houses! (NOTE: Teams are chosen randomly - players cannot choose whether they are Team Santa or Team Grinch, and cannot switch. Type /i to see which team you are on!)

Team Santa:

  • Fill your festive sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • Start your Santa mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is empty
  • (Optional) Refill your sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • End your Santa mission with /end


Team Grinch:

  • Start your Grinch mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is full
  • (Optional) Empty your sack at The Grinch's "Lair"
  • End your Grinch mission with /end


There will be a prize for the person who delivers/steals the most gifts during the event

There is also a special Christmas spot in the middle of each city where you could find random presents

The regular stats posts will return in 2019, and we'll see you in a couple of weeks with our 2018 recap

Happy holidays

Script update

3rd Dec 2018

Some of these updates have been in the game for a while, but were never announced or documented.

Minor changes:

  • Players can now shoot in their properties without gaining wanted stars.
  • Blista Compact has been added to the car shop.
  • Cops should now be able to take part in Deathmatch-related events, with no need to change their class.
  • Active cities are still random, but will no longer be repeated in a row. (No more SF->SF->SF->SF in a single game month).
  • When the active city changes, it is now announced on chat.
  • You can now activate an experimental HUD that uses the minimum amount of space on the screen as possible, sacrificing non-essential information. Activated with "/hud min". - Works better with kill-feed deactivated.
  • The Regular Players Club can no longer be abused by cops. You can still enter it without restrictions if you want to use it for hiding, but it will no longer heal you if you recently did.
  • Added a cooldown to enter and leave Ammunations in order to avoid players with high pings abusing interior changing.
  • Players can now use "." to send group messages. (.message)

Major changes:

  • Players can now duel other players with the /duel command.

    Players in a duel won't pay medical fees, and are unable to harm other players. They will be given a countdown, and the results are announced on the main chat. It will also make fights more fair by telling you if your opponent used drugs or bought armour, and avoiding medic heals. Duels are ended when one of the duelers is killed, or is attacked/arrested by an external player.

  • Long haul missions can now be done in groups.

    You can join a group-mate's long haul job with the /joinhaul command. This will allow missions to be completed by several players in a group with the same pick up and destinations. These groups of truckers can be as big as you want, and the first arrival will get a small bonus over the rest of the truckers in that convoy.

  • A new Ammunation has been added to Esplanade North, San Fierro. You can find it next to Pier 69.

System changes:

  • Threads and posts in Invite-Only forum groups are now private.
  • Command lag should no longer be a problem.
  • Anticheat improvements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Like all new features, these are subject to change, and suggestions for improvement is always welcome in the forums or Discord.

Thanks to all the people who suggested some of these changes. (XTony, Polymorph, HUUMETUKKA, =DCM=Kraken, =DCM=Viper, Roel, wT_Wassaby)

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