Welcome to San Andreas Cops And Robbers!

SACNR is a server on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

It has a cops and robbers theme - you can play as a cop or civilian/robber and change at any time. You can also own houses, own and sell items at businesses, buy car bombs, grow and sell "drugs", do one of the many vehicle missions, or kill some of the people with bounties on their heads. You can rob casinos, stores, houses, businesses, and other players. The more risk you take, the more money you get - just don't get caught!

If you don't already have SA:MP, you should go and read more about it on our downloads page - it's fun!

For more information about SACNR, please visit our About page.

SACNR Sunday: Fortnightly Summary 7th October

7th Oct 2018

Wow, has it been two weeks already? Our weekly summary will now be fortnightly (every 2 weeks) for a while! Pls no comments about Fortnite, I beg you.

Jamie has worked hard on the server this fortnight, fixing a bunch of bugs and enhancing some of our systems. Some of the updates we've received from him this week are:

  • [NEW] The Active City is now RANDOM and not in a specific order. As with all new features, we will be monitoring this to see how well it works and if it needs any changes!
  • [NEW] Added some more items to Long Hauls
  • [BUG FIX] The Active City bank can now be robbed by players with Wanted Levels 1-5
  • [BUG FIX] Drugged players' health will now refill in jail
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated the zoning system to divide all towns into the 3 main cities - map here: https://i.imgur.com/QxOpwCr.png
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Fixed some typos
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Made some texts easier to understand
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated Anna text, removing the messed up characters
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated the news banners at the bottom of the screen, they'll no longer say the same thing for months.

All of these updates are now live on the server.

We also have a vote live at the moment for moving the requirements for /hidetiki down from regular player level 9, to level 7. This would also mean bumping the minimum amount from $30k to $100k. You've got until the 20th of October to vote so head to your nearest post bank and have your voice heard!

Our SACNR Addict this fortnight is our favourite doctor episodes with 60.5 hours played since our last Summary post! episodes is, of course, also our Top Medic again with 285 players healed!

Lucky9 is almost as addicted as episodes, with 59 hours spent on SACNR this fortnight, and Mr. potato at 57.5 hours!

It's nice to see some different players in the rest of the Top 10 Alive Time this fortnight too!

Spending lots of time in-game probably means that you'll be at the top of other lists too. That is definitely true this fortnight with Lucky9 taking out our Top Robber position by robbing 572 players out of our server total of 7,340 players robbed. His thirst for crime obviously wasn't quenched by robbing those players, as he also committed 1,560 crimes out of our server total of 32,566!

348 of those crimes were stores robbed by MA_Malik, Polymorph, and ABDULLAH, which may explain why ABDULLAH spent so much money on weapons, as he gave Ammu-Nation a huge $5.8M in sales! It is not surprising that Polymorph also spent a large amount of cash on weapons, as he completed 57 Hit Contracts this fortnight! This is probably also why he was /pee'd on more than any other player!

Perhaps there were lots of Hits on ABDULLAH, since he managed to die the most times out of every player this fortnight! Or maybe he was arrested a lot by our Top Cop PurpleKush who put 317 players in jail out of our server total of 4,200! Tobs will not be happy. PurpleKush also died a lot, so maybe these two are a good Cop vs Robber match! Thanks to all of their deaths, we paid a server total of $476M in Medical Fees this fortnight!

We peaked at 24 players online at a time, welcomed 154 new friends, and had 441 players logging in over the last 2 weeks.

See you in 2 weeks!


SACNR Sunday: Weekly Summary 23rd September

24th Sep 2018

It's that time of the week again friends!

Hard work pays off and hopefully DeNim can now get some sleep, as he has finally secured himself 1st place on one of the lists after making it his goal! 40.5 hours of time played this week makes him the SACNR Addict of the week :)

potato came in at a reeeally close 2nd place with 40 hours, and BAHKS with 38 hours.

The rest of the players in the Top 10 Alive Time were:

Officer Tobs had a very close call with Officer [SS_Striker] this week, both contributing greatly to the 1981 arrests made, with one of them arresting a mere TWO more players than the other... who do you think won? Do you think Tobs is our Cop of the week again, or do you think Striker has overtaken him? If you guessed Striker... you were wrong. Officer Striker had 295 arrests while Officer Tobs had 297, making him our Top Cop for two weeks in a row! I guess we can expect his account to be mysteriously banned once Striker wakes up...

I'm sure Tobs's ban will make =DCM=VipeR and Gelasius very sad, as they /cried more than everyone else this week! Maybe it will cheer them up to know that we collectively paid $217,059,022 in Medical Fees which is a HUGE increase from last week! I personally blame ABDULLAH for this, as he alone paid $33,301,630 in medfees... just to put this into perspective, the rest of the players paid less than $8M each... what were you doing, Adbullah?!

This week ScapeGoat robbed 23 different Businesses since last Sunday, and BAHKS robbed 75 Casinos! Seventy-five!!!

We peaked at 27 players online at a time over our 351 logins, and made 140 new friends this week.

Will DeNim still hold the top Alive Time spot next week? Will Tobs's account mysteriously disappear while Striker arrests everyone? Will players stop abusing features and ruining the fun for everyone? Find out next week!


SACNR Sunday: Weekly Summary 16th September

16th Sep 2018

Hi friends! Hope you've all had a great week <3

This week we added a temporary solution to the Biz Icon problem - there is now a chance of robbing the maximum business robbery amount ($800k) from businesses with icons! We are still looking into bigger ways to change the Icon system, but we believe that this is a good solution for now.

This update should be good news for potato, who took our Robber of the Week spot by robbing a whopping 536 players. Sorry DeNim, you were 2nd this week! Perhaps this is also why potato was peed on 20 times this week!

Maybe the update will also make our total number of crimes committed rise from 10,143 this week, to a much higher number next week. I want to see it!

Good news for the hospitals, but probably not so good for the players, our total medical fees for the week are higher than last week at $150,354,033. Why are we dying so much? Is it because we can't get away from Cop of the Week Officer Tobs fast enough? 354 players definitely seem to think so after being caught by him! The rest of the 1682 arrested players obviously had faster cars than Tobs!

PurpleKush once again proves that he's the SACNR-addict of the week, spending 60.5 hours in-game this week. Do you ever sleep?!

episodes once again comes in second for play time this week with 48.5 hours, and DeNim takes 3rd place with 37 hours!

These stats are closely followed by the rest of our Top 10 Alive Time for the week:

Chinchilla seemed to do a lot of driving this week, refuelling 136 times! I assume with a biz name like "selling children", you were probably running from the cops most of the time.

We welcomed 128 new players this week, and had 345 different people logging in as we peaked at 23 players online at once.

See you all next week!



SACNR Sunday: Weekly Summary 9th September

9th Sep 2018

Hi all, it's that time again!

Not much to report dev-wise this week, just the regular work on the features we hope to release soon.

But I think most of you are here for the stats anyway, so let's get into it!

The SACNR-addict of the week was PurpleKush with a whopping 62 hours spent in-game. That's almost NINE HOURS A DAY! #dedication

This was closely followed by our resident Medic episodes with 54 hours, and SommerSby makes the list again with 42 hours!

The other 7 players in the Top 10 Alive Time list for the week were:

We locked up more bad guys this week, with 1,822 total arrests made within the server, 242 of which were made by our Cop of the week, Officer PurpleKush.

I suppose it makes sense that more arrests means more crimes, because all together we committed 11,734 crimes this week! Maybe the reason we were able to commit more crimes is that we weren't dying as much - our total Medical Fees for the week are lower than last week, at $126,726,088! Maybe all that extra money went into Robber of the week SommerSby's bank account after robbing 243 players.

122 new accounts were created this week, with 301 different people logging in throughout the last 7 days, and a peak player-count of 28 players at a time.

Let's see if we can raise the stats for next week! More arrests, more crimes, more alive time! Let's get it!



SACNR Saturday: Weekly Summary 1st September

1st Sep 2018

Hi friends,

Time for your weekly dose of SACNR Saturday news!


  • Worked a lot on the new fun feature that no one has guessed yet (come on, guys!)
  • We're training up a new developer to help us work on the script and get new features out faster
  • Fixed up some internal dev stuff
  • Picked some new suggestions to work on in the future


Veteran player Se7en showed SACNR lots of love this week, with the highest total of 46 hours and 30 minutes spent in game! (Se7en is actually online right now as I write this post!)

This was followed closely by El_Salvatore with 42 hours and 38 minutes, and PurpleKush with 38 hours and 45 minutes.

The following players also made the Top 10 Alive Time list for the week:

Stop right there, criminal scum! 1,338 arrests were made this week, with Officer Rodddella taking our Cop of the Week position by sending the most bad guys to jail, with 139 players arrested.

The hospitals must be laughing their asses off because you spent a combined total of $130,822,719 on medical fees this week, which probably happened during the 9,617 crimes you all committed. Hopefully you managed to stay away from our Top Robber potato, who stole money right out of the pockets of 185 unsuspecting players.

We welcomed 119 new players this week, and peaked at 22 players online at a time, with 321 accounts logged into across the 7 days.

We were quite surprised by some of these stats and it's super encouraging to know that a lot of people are still around. Long live SACNR!

See you next week <3


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