Welcome to San Andreas Cops And Robbers!

SACNR is a server on GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP).

It has a cops and robbers theme - you can play as a cop or civilian/robber and change at any time. You can also own houses, own and sell items at businesses, buy car bombs, grow and sell "drugs", do one of the many vehicle missions, or kill some of the people with bounties on their heads. You can rob casinos, stores, houses, businesses, and other players. The more risk you take, the more money you get - just don't get caught!

If you don't already have SA:MP, you should go and read more about it on our downloads page - it's fun!

For more information about SACNR, please visit our About page.

SACNR v20.3.12 - Prop hogging update

00:53:44 30th Mar 2020 by Markski

Medium sized update with a requested feature.

  • If you go several days without visiting a property, you'll pay an accumulated tax in order to keep it. This tax will depend on how long it's been since the last visit, the value of the property itself, and how active you are in-game.
  • Made changes to the new screen texts to make them easier on the eyes.
  • "Low fuel" sounds have been replaced by general warning sounds which will be triggered by several game events. (/settings -> Sounds)
  • You can now try to rob the same location after failing it if you're in the active city.
  • Fixed and rewritten a handful of things in the script to help with lag.
  • Fixed issues with ranks.

Furthermore, we'd like to make the following rule very clear, as many seem to not be aware:

  • It is not allowed to sell a property for cheaper than the intended value and receive the rest of it in other way (transfer/tiki/letter/etc). Doing this will result in a punishment which could result in (but won't be limited to) losing properties, cash, stats, rank and/or the ability to own properties at all, for everyone involved.

As always, please send feedback and bug reports to our forums or in our Discord.

SACNR v20.3.4 - Elo ranks and tweaks

03:47:16 29th Mar 2020 by Markski

Hello, everyone

Today's update introduces an Elo skill ranking system. This new system will evaluate how good (or bad) players are at the game, based on their actions and performances, and assign them a rank. This will allow players to track their progress at learning how to play the game, as well as providing means to compare your skills with those of other players.

Please don't ask how to improve your rank, or what decreases it. All you need to know is that doing good at the game will improve it, while being bad at the game will decrease it.

The ranks, from lower to higher, are as follows:

For law enforcement:

  • Officer III
  • Officer II
  • Officer I
  • Officer Elite
  • Lieutenant III
  • Lieutenant II
  • Lieutenant I
  • Lieutenant Elite
  • Sheriff
  • Marshall of San Andreas

For civilians:

  • Thug III
  • Thug II
  • Thug I
  • Thug Elite
  • Gangster III
  • Gangster II
  • Gangster I
  • Gangster Elite
  • Criminal Kingpin
  • Public Enemy of San Andreas

All players will start as "Unranked". Everyone will be assigned an initial rank once they play for long enough.

You can use /rank to check your own rank or the rank of others.

Asides from the new ranks system, the following changes were made:

  • Karma has been removed as it no longer served any purpose.
  • Added kill assists.
  • Added a message for saving other players.
  • People shooting from cars will cause less damage to other cars.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to drive-by with unallowed guns.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Many alert texts (hit placed/completed, job started and canceled, warnings and many others) which traditionally take a lot of screen space have been replaced for smaller texts which will now appear near the bottom of the screen.

As always, please provide feedback and bug reports at the forums or in our Discord.

SACNR Awards 2019 Results

10th Feb 2020 by Jamie

Hi all!

Thanks to the 52 players who took part in our SACNR awards this year. 811 individual votes were cast and here are your winners:

Best player of the year:
Winner: J.P
Runner up: Denim

Best robber of the year:
Winner: Denim
Runner up: Drogadazo

Best cop of the year:
Winner: Tobs
Runner up: Robi

Best hitman of the year:
Winner: Denim
Runner up: Puuro

Best medic of the year:
Winner: Episodes

Best admin of the year:
Winner: Jamie
Runners up: Markski & Invincible

Best deathmatcher of the year:
Winner: Denim
Runner up: Thama

Best driver of the year:
Winners: Zeratul & Puuro
Runner up: Wassaby

Best trucker of the year:
Winner: Zeratul
Runners up: Denim & Ben18

Best pilot of the year:
Winner: Ben18
Runner up: Bluebaron

Best carbomber of the year:
Winner: Puuro
Runner up: Denim

Best moneybag finder of the year:
Winner: Robi
Runner up: Turbo

Best username of the year:
Winner: asshole
Runners up: DontTouchMe, Prey, Doughboy

Funniest player of the year:
Winners: Drogadazo, J.P
Runners up: Jamie, Rodrix_atr

Best new player of the year:
Winner: Doughboy
Runner up: asshole

Best propfag of the year:
Winner: DonCorleone
Runner up: =DCM=Gen.Frankie

Biggest noob of the year:
Winners: J.P, Borkata
Runner up: Drogadazo

Most helpful player of the year:
Winner: Jamie
Runner up: Ben18

Angriest player of the year:
Winner: J.P
Runners up: Borkata, Puuro

Happiest player of the year:
Winner: Episodes
Runners up: Nat, Jamie

Best group of the year:
Winners: Wu Tang
Runners up: TOH

Best city of the year:
Winner: LV
Runner up: LS

Best update of the year:
Winner: Server overhaul/Reset

Best SACNR video of the year:
Winner: Fake Lottery

Best forum thread of the year:
Winner: Bigfoot found in SACNR

Best suggestion of the year:
Winner: Make carbombs great again

Congratulations to all winners and a special pepega mention to Jones for voting for himself 26 times.

SACNR v20.2

9th Feb 2020 by Jamie


  • Using a menu command with a direct parameter (like "/gps 10") should now be much faster.
  • Changed and added some Long Haul cargo.
  • Removed "Informational menu refresh" from settings. It will be enabled for everyone permanently.
  • You can use "N" instead of click to close menus and stop animations. (click will still work)
  • Using /rob and /heal without specifying a player will choose the nearbiest player that can be robbed/healed, instead of choosing any nearbiest player and failing if not applicable.
  • It is now possible to use /settings, /gps, /help and /faq while driving a car.
  • The GPS arrow now updates a little faster.
  • /info lets you put a radar icon on the player you're tracking.
  • The radar will now show icons for the properties you own.


  • Fixed Discord <-> in-game bridge


  • The tazer's chances of failure now depends on the amount of cops and robbers near. If there are more robbers, the tazer is less likely to fail, and vice-versa.
  • Made it harder to hijack moving/taking off helicopters.
  • Made it harder to f-abuse.
  • Implement a debt system. If you go into debt, you'll be given 24 game hours to pay it back before the bank starts selling your properties.
  • Map trackers on players will be less accurate the further away you're from them.
  • Added option in /settings to disable your own property icons.
  • Added a help option in Meat Factory. It will detail what each item does.
  • Added a Signal Blocker to the Meat Factory. You can carry 3 of them. When used, signal blockers will make you harder to find for 3 minutes. They'll make you impossible to track (through a map icon) and your radar blip will only be visible for players nearby.
  • Fixed bug where you could still spawn in a house after selling it.
  • Fixed two cases where you'd spawn in LV while SF was active.
  • Fixed bug with certain commands which allowed players to communicate while muted.
  • When a business is sold, you'll now also receive a percentage of the value and all of the business bank.

SACNR Awards 2019

29th Jan 2020 by Leatherface

These have been much-requested, so we're giving the people what they want.

You can click here to vote in the SACNR awards for 2019.

Voting will close at 23:59:59 on the 9th February (server time). Any entries made or modified after this time will not be included in the final vote counts.

Remember that you can't vote for yourself and entries which are suspected of fraudulent activity will have all values removed.

May the best players win!

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