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Donating Players [Edit]

Last updated by Tobs @11th Dec 2019

A donating player is a player who has been kind enough to donate money to SACNR at some point. You can donate at Once you have donated, you keep your status forever. You do not have to donate monthly. Donating players are listed on the donation page.

Minimum donation

The minimum amount that can be donated is 10 (EUR - Euros). Donations less than that amount will be accepted, however you will not receive donator status.


  • Decreased house taxes, no wealth taxes.
  • Donator status on forum and in-game, and username listed on this page. (Note: donator status on the forum may take a few days to go through, please be patient.)
  • Houses owned by donating players are harder to break into and are robbed up to $200,000,while non-donator houses are robbed up to $400,000.
  • Businesses are harder to rob.
  • Save custom car presets with /savecar [name] and buy any time from a car shop
  • The ability to change your name every 6 months (For full info: )

"Special treatment"

Contrary to popular belief, a donator status does not give you any special rights of any kind. You are just as likely to become an administrator or be banned as anyone else. If you have donated and are banned, you are not entitled to any sort of refund.

Buying from a player in game?

If you are looking to buy a donator status from a SACNR player YOU MUST READ THIS: