Friends [Edit]

Last updated by Markski @10th Nov 2018

The friends list in SACNR allows you to keep a list of players who you like to play SACNR with. Typing /friends (/fr) in-game will show a list of the friends you have added.

Their names will be green if they are online, or red if they are offline. A display message will appear when your friends log in and out. You can have a maximum of 10 friends in your friend list at any given time. Your friends list is also shown publicly on your profile in the SACNR website.

Friend Commands

  • /friends - Displays your friends list. (/fr)
  • /addfriend [Nick/ID] - Add a friend. (/af)
  • /deletefriend [Nick/ID] - Delete a friend. (/df)
  • /f[1-10] [message] - Sends a PM to the friend in the given slot.

To remove a player from the friendlist while they are offline, open up the friendlist with /fr, type in the number which is next to the player you want to remove and then type "1".

Depending on your settings, people in your friendslist might be able to take your locked vehicles.