NPCs [Edit]

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NPCs (non-player characters) are a feature of SA-MP 0.3 implemented in SACNR. This allows "bots" to follow recorded paths and perform certain in-game actions. NPCs appear on the mini-map as a light blue square. SACNR uses bots for a variety of features, as listed below.

There are three of each type of transport for a total of 9 transport bots. Three bots fly an AT-400 passenger plane to each airport at regular intervals, three bots drive trains around the whole of San Andreas, stopping at each train station, and three bots drive buses around the three cities past the bus stops. Buses are free to travel on and trains cost $5 to ride, while plane tickets can be purchased from each respective airport. Transport bots travel on no specific schedule.

Each police department has its own police bot. They hand out tickets and arrest any wanted players that enter the police departments. There are 3 of these, one in each PD.

Anna is a chat bot who answers a wide range of questions, repeats the in-game rules and occasionally says random things, as well as responding to in-game events. Despite the number of deaths accumulated from this task, Anna is a common target for deathmatchers. Those who find her generally don't try to find her again.

Certain other bots, such as those at the Drug Refill Points, are in-game purely for decoration. They often accompany an in-game service but the bots themselves serve no specific purpose.
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