Taxes [Edit]

Last updated by Tobs @11th Dec 2019

Taxes were introduced to SACNR to keep the economy stabilized, and are frequently tweaked. Their job is to stop the rich players from controlling the game, and to give new players a chance. Taxes are deducted every 24 game hours.

Different taxes include:
  • House taxes - Paid when you have a house. The amount of tax depends on the value of the house, and the amount of houses you own. All players have to pay house taxes, donating players have decreased house taxes.
  • Income taxes - Calculated from the amount of money you earn over a period of 24 hours (1 game day). The more money that you earn during this time, the more taxes that are deducted. All players have to pay income taxes, donating players have decreased income taxes.

You can view all income, taxes and other expenses in the "Daily Finance Summary" window by typing /dfi

SACNR used to have business taxes, but they were removed because it was not fair to be taking more money off business owners, when really, businesses did not bring in a lot of income. Subsequently, business taxes were swapped for Business Income.

Tax Refund

You can get it in the bank by going to the red marker, and choosing number 3. You will get a low percentage of all the taxes you've paid since the last tax refund/registration.


About half of all collected taxes are placed directly into the lottery.