Keybinds [Edit]

Last updated by Kappa @14th May 2018

A keybind is a software that allows a player to shortcut commands and text by binding it to a single key.

For example:
If F1 is pressed on the keyboard, it would send this to SAMP:
---If you bound /dance to that key
The execution of this is instant, saving a player time and allows them to quickly react to any given situation. If keybinds work slow for you then its caused most likely by your CPU or RAM.

A Macro is a function that allows multiple actions to be performed one after another.

Allowing a macro to sequence multiple actions like CMD1-CMD2 instead of using different keys for each action is useful as it allows commands that would only ever be used after another command and doesn't take up an additional key

For example:
A sequence such as /ej+/tz is best as one keybind.

A special gaming keyboard is not needed to use keybinds; as any laptop or computer keyboard will work.

SACNR Keybinder Evolution created by Fma965 is now officially available, You can download it from here, or for more information visit