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Active Cities [Edit]

Last updated by Markski @24th Oct 2018

Every in-game week, the server will choose one of the 3 San Andreas cities at random to be the "Active City". The idea behind Active City is to have all of the players focused in a single city rather than spread across the map, in order to make more place for interaction between players.

While in SACNR all of the map is accesible at all times, playing in the Active City gives you a couple big benefits:

  • Players with wanted level up to 5 can rob in the active cities. In other cities, this is limited to 3
  • Players get higher profits from robbing stores, banks and casinos.
  • Higher maximum wanted values, meaning cops can get paid more for arrests
  • Drugs can be sold for $450 the gram, as opposed to $350 in other cities.
  • Fish caught in the active city are larger than fish caught elsewhere
  • Refueling your vehicle is cheaper

  • You can find out which city is active with the /ci command.
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