Businesses [Edit]

Last updated by Prometheus @3rd Oct 2020

In SACNR, you can purchase businesses. As of now, there are 835 businesses around San Andreas. Most of these businesses are owned, but if they go unowned, you may be able to buy them/bid on them when they are on sale. Businesses are automatically sold when the owner does not visit the business at least once in 14 days. To buy a business, walk in and type /buy. Prices range from $2,200,000 to $29,900,000. Business prices depend on their location.

In order to own one business, you need at least a minimum of 3 hours of playtime. If you are regular player level 4 or higher, you can own two businesses. If you are a regular player level 10, you can own three businesses.

Business Income

Business income is a feature designed to increase profits for business owners. It is calculated based on the base value of the business, plus any upgrades you have purchased. Upgrades include services, items, and security systems. Business income is calculated every 24 game hours. (24 minutes) The maximum amount you can get from business income is $100,000, even if you own 2 or more businesses.

Business Income list:

  • 2.2m value = 25k income
  • 5m = 60k
  • 10m = 90k
  • 11m+ = 100k

Robberies and Security

To rob someones business, walk in and type /robbiz. Unlike houses, you can rob a business if the owner is offline. Your success will depend on the businesss security level. Some security systems can kill you, so watch out!

If a player is very lucky, the most they can rob on their own is $400.000. If you are in a group, you can rob up to $800.000

To prevent robberies, you can purchase security systems. The higher level security your business has, the less likely a business robbery will succeed, and there is a higher chance of the robber being shot dead by security. Security levels range from 0-5.

Items and services

Businesses can sell these weapons:

  • 9mm
  • Desert Eagle
  • Sawnoff Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Tec9
  • AK47
  • MP5
  • M4
  • Sniper


  • Ice Cream
  • Dry white Toast
  • Chicken And Chips
  • Beef Burger
  • Chicken Salad
  • Large Rhino Steak


  • Katana
  • Parachute

Business owners can set the prices of items and services. When other players work for the business, a small percentage of their profits go to the business. Businesses must buy stock to sell items. If the business runs out of stock, they can not sell any items. Stock is expensive but you will earn something like 33 % selling guns as their default prices.

Business Bank

You can store money in your business using the menu. Note that upgrades and other business purchases take the money out of your business account, so you must have money in there in order to purchase anything business-related. You can only store $500,000,000 in the business bank.


You can change the name of your business, using the /biz menu. Business names must be less than 20 characters, and more than 2.

Listing your businesses

To get a list of all of the businesses you own, where they are, and the amount of money in storage, you can type /businesses or /biz.

Business Icon

Business icons are purchasable once you own a business. These icons can be purchased for $10,000,000. The icons have to be at a minimum of 150 feet/46 metres away from another business with a purchased icon. These icons do not provide benefits anymore and you might be robbed with same amount as businesses without icons.