Commands [Edit]

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Commands are entered by pressing T, F6 or the grave/backtick key (`)
Short form for commands are in (brackets)

  • Medic Actions
    /heal [id/nick] or use ( 2 ) - Refills health of specified player at their cost. NOTE: Abusing /heal is a punishable offense. You cannot heal yourself or another medic.

  • Team Deathmatch Arenas
    /jdm - Displays how many players are currently in JDM
    /bdm - Displays how many players are currently in BDM
    /dmstats (/dmsts) - Displays total Kills/Deaths
    /leave - Exit the DM arena and respawn in the normal game map
    /kill - Kill yourself to switch teams after pressing F4
    !message - Chat with your team

  • Police Actions
    /accept (/ac) - Accepts bribe from wanted player
    /wanted (/wlist) - Shows a list of wanted players
    /decline (/de) - Declines bribe from wanted player
    /arrest - Gives you a message on how to arrest a wanted player
    /ticket [id/nick] (/tk) Press 2 if you are in a car or MMB (Middle mouse button) if you are on foot - Ticket yellow player [Wanted level 1-3]
    /backup - Request backup from all CIA and police members.
    /tazer [id/nick] (/tz) - Tazer wanted player. Player is frozen for 3 seconds
    /respond - Marks the location on your minimap, where the last crime was committed. Civilians can also call the police using /911, as well as your fellow officers using /backup to ask for backup to their location. You will also see a giant, red checkpoint at the location.

  • Vehicle
    /lock (/lk) - Locks vehicle
    /unlock (/ulk) - Unlocks vehicle
    /eject [id/nick] (/ej) - Eject person from car
    /refuel - Refills fuel at gas station [red flag on radar]
    /vi [id/nick] - Displays vehicle information
    /engineon - Starts the engine

  • House
    /house - Displays list of house options
    /eject [id/nick] (/ej) - Kicks person from house
    /givehousekeys [id/nick] (/ghk) - Give player house keys

  • Informational
    /gps - GPS tracking system
    /friends (/fr) - Friends list
    /addfriend [id/nick] (/af) - Add friend to friend list
    /deletefriend [id/nick] (/df) - Remove friend from friend list
    /location [id/nick] (/loc) - Locates players
    /info [id/nick] (/i) - Displays your information or info. of player
    /vi [id/nick] - Displays vehicle information for player
    /crimes [id/nick] - Displays your crime(s) or crime(s) of player
    /stats [id/nick] (/sts) - Displays your stats or stats of player
    /business (/biz) - Displays owned businesses, or info of the bussines you're in
    /house - Displays owned houses, or info of the house you're in
    /day - Displays day
    /time - Displays time
    /moneybag (/mb) - Displays moneybag clues
    /hitinfo (/hi) - Displays hits placed on you
    /myhits - Displays a list of hits you placed on other players
    /druginfo (/di) - Displays drug information
    /fishinfo (/fi) - Displays fish caught, their weight and value
    /cityinfo (/ci) - Displays city information
    /lotto - Gives you some lottery information
    /job - Displays the business you work for
    /plants - Displays the drug plants you currently have

  • Actions
    /cancelhit [id/nick] (/chit) - Cancels a hit you placed on someone
    /givehousekeys (/ghk) [id/nick] - Gives house keys to player
    /pay - Pays ticket
    /breakin - Attempt a break-in. Must be in front of house.
    /bomb (/b) - Plant a bomb. Can only be used in vehicles. 12 hour bomb life.
    /start - Start mission
    /end - End mission
    /buy - Buy property
    /sell - Sell property or vehicle at any car shop
    /rob (/rb) - Robs closest player
    /robstore - Robs store [Cluckin\' Bell, Burger Shot, Ammunation]
    /robbusiness (/robbiz) - Robs player owned businesses
    /robcasino - Robs casino [Caligula's Casino, Four Dragons Casino,Redstands Casino]
    /robbank - Robs Bank
    /fish - Fish. Must be on boat
    /plant - Plants drugs seed
    /hit [nick/id] [amount] - Places hit on specified player
    /bribe [id/nick] [amount] (/br) - Bribe cop/CIA. Min amount: $1,000 Max: $50,000. Clears wanted level.
    /police [message] - Calls the police
    /911 [message] - Calls the police
    /escape (/esc) - Escape from jail
    /takedrugs [amount] (/td) - Refills health.
    /givedrugs [id/nick] [amount] (/gd) - Give drugs to player
    /givefish [id/nick] [slot/fish number] (/gf) - Give fish to player
    /punish - Punishes a cop that killed an unwanted civilian(Regular players only)
    /forgive - Forgives a cop that killed an unwanted civilian(Regular players only)

  • Banking
    /givecash [id/nick] [amount] (/gc) - Gives cash to specified player
    /transfer [id/nick] [amount] - Transfers cash to specified player through bank
    /deposit [amount] - Deposit money into bank
    /withdraw [amount] - Withdraw money from bank
    /balance (/bal) - Shows your bank balance
    /nogc - Stops people being able to send you money on foot (/nogc again to enable cash giving again)

  • Services
    /busstop - notifies the bus driver that you want to leave the bus at the next stop
    /bus - Calls for bus / Become a bus driver [must be in bus]
    /medic - Call medic
    /taxi - Call taxi / Become a taxi driver [must be in taxi]
    /driverjob - Become a driver. Driver fare set through business

  • Messaging
    /carwhisper [message] (/cw) - Sends message within and only to person(s) in car
    /whisper [message] (/w) - Sends message to those close to you
    /privatemessage [id/nick] [message] (/pm) - Sends private message to player
    /r - Responds to last private message received
    /ignore [id/nick] (/ign) - Completely ignores specified player
    /nopm - Stops you accepting /pm's from ALL players (/nopm to accept them again)
    /me [message] - Displays text above your character's head
    /haulermessage [message] (/hm) - Messages Truck Drivers (haulers) only
    /copmessage [message] (/cm) - Messages police only
    /say [message] - Sends a message to the chat

  • Groups
    /groupmessage (/gm) - Message group members
    /grouplist (/grlist) - Lists group members
    /groupinvite [id/nick] (/gri) - Invites group member
    /groups (/gr) - Displays groups
    /groupjoin [group id/group name] (/grj) - Joins group. If not already invited, message is sent to Group Leader for permission to join
    /groupleave (/grl) - Leaves currently joined group
    /groupleader [id/nick] (/grleader) - Transfers control over group leader commands [/groupkick, /groupinvite, /groupname] to player
    /groupkick [id/nick] [message] (/grk) - Kicks group member
    /groupname [groupname] (/grname) - Renames the group
    /groupcreate [groupname] (/grc) - Creates group

  • Misc.
    /quit (/q) - Exit game
    /help - Lists help dialogue
    /commands (/cmds) - Lists most commands
    /settings - (/s) Shows dialogue box with important settings (Like where you want to spawn)
    /rules - Lists rules - A must-read for all players.
    /complain [id/nick] [message] - Sends complaint to administrators. Be concise and descriptive.
    /admins - Message from the administration.
    /fpslimit [amount] - Set FPS limit anywhere between 20 - 99. Frame limiter must be On.
    /pagesize [amount] - Set pagesize for text anywhere between 10 - 20 lines.
    /fontsize [amount] - Changes the font size of the User Interface. Valid font size is -3 to 5.
    /dl - Shows extra vehicle information
    /headmove - Disable/Enable your character and all other characters head's from moving.
    /timestamp - Toggle chat timestamps

  • Animations
    /emo [id/nick]
    /argue [id/nick]
    /wave [id/nick]
    /frown [id/nick]
    /smile [id/nick]
    /stare [id/nick]
    /piss [id/nick]
    /pee [id/nick]
    /sex [id/nick]

  • Others

    Quickstrings ($ Commands): These display in the main chat area (This can also be used in groups and PM's), and if they are player commands they give the player's name and id: Example: (Input) $cop = (Output in Main Chat) StaticX (69)

  • Player:
    $ply - Displays name of closest player
    $civ - Displays name of closest civilian
    $cop - Displays name of closest cop
    $inj - Dislay name of closest player with less than 90 HP
    $sus - Displays name of closest suspect
    $dri - Displays name of closest private driver
    $hit - Displays name of closest player with hit contract
    $me - Displays your name
    $med - Displays closest medic
    $gmb - Displays closest group member
    $ldmg - Displays the most recent player to damage you
    $lvdmg - Displays the most recent player that damages your vehicle

  • Other:
    $lvl - Displays wanted level
    $cash - Displays cash in hand
    $bank - Displays bank balance
    $mfee - Displays medical fees from last death
    $spd - Displays speed
    $alt - Displays altitude (feet)
    $altm - Displays altitude (meters)
    $income/$binc - Displays business income
    $htax - Displays cost of house taxes
    $wtax - Displays cost of wealth taxes
    $health - Displays health percentage
    $armour - Displays armor percentage
    $hpsts - Displays health and armour percentage
    $gun - Displays active weapon
    $cveh - Displays name of closest vehicle
    $veh - Displays vehicle name you are inside of
    $loc - Displays location
    $day - Displays day
    $time - Displays time
    $bal - Displays total balance