Here is a list of services owned or hosted by SACNR:

SACNRSan Andreas Cops And Robbers is our primary service and income source. It is the foundation of the SACNR Community.
CNRMMOCNRMMO is a cops and robbers-style MMO, built in WebGL. It is based on SACNR's game mode.
SACNR MonitorSACNR Monitor is a service for all SA-MP server owners. It automatically keeps track of player history and other basic server data for every server in SA-MP. It's free to use, and ad-free!
SA-MP LiveWe host the well-known SA-MP modification, SA-MP Live. We also wrote a portion of its serverside code.
DT Upload / fckituploadThese upload sites allow you to upload files and share them. Great for uploading screenshots and other SA-MP stuff.