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Created by Jamie at 4th Jul 2016

We're implementing freedom as a July 4th update.

Enjoy your freedom themed hauls and cars. Ammunation is also offering 50% off all items to celebrate how free we all are.


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=DCM=VipeR @4th Jul 2016


Explainfzzz @4th Jul 2016


Gee @4th Jul 2016

I didn't lie: https://www.sacnr.com/posts/12-donation-currency/

[SS_Striker] @4th Jul 2016

america fuck yeah

coming again to save the motherfucking day yeah

[WT]Eulogy @4th Jul 2016

Freedom is the only way!!

Blacklite @4th Jul 2016

finally sacnr implements freedom

Scarface_Capone @4th Jul 2016


put bob ross in banner!

Blacklite @4th Jul 2016

put bob ross in banner

XTony @4th Jul 2016

This is Murica!!!!!!

Mare70 @4th Jul 2016

i expected no cops day, im sad now :((

Invincible @4th Jul 2016

dis isnt srb in banner
put srb in banner
put [RUS] back in server

Trxye @4th Jul 2016

haapppyyyy fourth my fellow murricans

Jesse_James @4th Jul 2016

murica is dick on serbian