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Created by Jamie at 20th Aug 2016, last modified 22nd Aug 2016

Hi all, 

We're currently in the process of moving SACNR to a new server. We expect a slight bit of downtime during the transition to ensure stats stay up to date.

I'll update this post when we're done but in the meantime, updates will get posted to IRC as they happen




Update: Server migration is now complete, if you notice any bugs/weirdness happening either in-game or across the websites, please make a bug report on the forums and we'll do our best to get that sorted.

If you can't see the server in your sa-mp client, remove the listing and re-add server.sacnr.com

Thanks again!




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Blacklite @20th Aug 2016

Prepare for good ping in EU again.

In other news, RIP American ping.

Lskeee @20th Aug 2016

What about bob ross in banner

Invincible @20th Aug 2016

Move server to Serbia



[GSF]Bob_Julian @20th Aug 2016

Damn right! Great news!

GreyHound @21st Aug 2016

I caught 5 pokemon while waiting

Magmaring @22nd Aug 2016

how good I rescued this new change is that even having a ping of 300 or 200, my game does not change, the ping remains like 100 or 190, even in fights. ;)

Very Agree.

Providence @22nd Aug 2016

should i migrate to europe too