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Created by Jamie at 22nd Aug 2016

Just a couple of things that Gee has worked on to follow the server migration:

  • Drug bags are only confiscated if you are arrested with more than 500g of drugs
  • After robbing somewhere, you have to evade the police for a set amount of time - You'll only lose your robbery items if you're arrested within this time.



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Magmaring @22nd Aug 2016

Very Nice!!

[SS_Striker] @22nd Aug 2016

put bob ross in banner

Invincible @22nd Aug 2016

Put serbian flag in banner

Rus tag in server name

Free abdu

Thama admin :)

Jamie nob :)

Good update!

potato @22nd Aug 2016


Red_Dragon @22nd Aug 2016

nice update.

Russia in banner

Scarface_Capone @23rd Aug 2016

Thank you for this. Great work!

PS: put bob ross in banner

wT_Wassaby @25th Aug 2016

demaliele sandobur?
anyway, good update, i like it.