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Created by Blacklite at 19th Sep 2016

To address some of the many requests we've had about authorised donators, we'd like to announce today that we're changing some of the requirements for the process. An application is no longer required, you'll just need the following status ingame:

You must:

  • Be a donator yourself.
  • Be at least regular player level 5.
  • Have no "has cheated" tag on your profile.
  • You must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English

This is a trial and may be subject to change but we'll update you if anything like that happens.




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Magmaring @19th Sep 2016

Nice! huehue

[SS_Striker] @19th Sep 2016

i told u i was going to sleep but i didnt

solong cya btw wont posting again

wassaby @19th Sep 2016

very cool :D

[aeHOO]_Stalin @19th Sep 2016

you could add "authorized donor" in orange, in the player profile, who is already authorized or has donated to someone, just below the level played, i think (:

Jamie @19th Sep 2016

But with this change, all level 5+ donators (who haven't been banned for cheats) are authorized, labels would be everywhere

Scarface_Capone @19th Sep 2016

Thanks for clearing this up. A few people were concerned whether they could donate for their friends. This update has cleared this up.


wassaby @20th Sep 2016

Doesn't really matter if you're authorised or not when you want to donate for a friend and not selling a donator status.