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Created by Jamie at 28th Oct 2016

Spooky update 2016!

Another year, another spooky update!


Three witches (Winnie, Kathy and Sarah) have descended on San Andreas, they were last spotted near Fern Ridge, Las Brujas and at Leafy Hollow. They're selling potions but only to those who posess "Magic Beans". Luckily, these are being given out to anyone trick or treating!

You can drink these potions with /potion (/pt) which can give you a short term effect, this may give you an advantage but they may also make you easier to kill, cost you more money or get arrested much faster. Use them if you dare! You can check your inventory (/in) to see how many beans and potions you have.

The witches have been kind enough to give everyone 1 potion to start the event (please remember to thank them ingame)

As well as the bits above, The familiar bits are back from last year:

  • Witches have replaced the money bag with spooky cauldrons.
  • Businesses have been ordering spookier items from long haul drivers.
  • A mysterious being has repainted vehicles on the map.
  • Pumpkins have started growing all over San Andreas.
  • Homeowners all over the server are allowing people to Trick or Treat their houses for a chance of winning $5,000,000. (Protection from scary ghosts not guaranteed)
  • Mr. Skeltal, official SACNR provider of healthy bones and calcium has taken over from Anna.

Event Commands:

  • /potion (/pt) - Drink a potion
  • /trickortreat (/tot) - Knock on a door - must be near a house
  • /??? - The "secret" command has once again returned

Special Powers

  • Range: Increased/Decreased range for commands like /rob /arrest /heal and /tazer
  • Medical fees: Increased/Decreased med fees on death
  • Damage: Increased/Decreased attack damage (Only works on players, not vehicles)
  • Kung fu: Fancy fighting style
  • Spicy beans: Be careful when you /fart
  • Nitro cars: Any vehicle you get into has an added extra

Each effect lasts 2 minutes, so use it while you can!


Have fun and Happy Halloween!



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Pixel @28th Oct 2016

May Mr.Skeltal bless everyone with healthy bones and calcium again

Stainless @28th Oct 2016


Gee @28th Oct 2016

killer clowns unite

ML2000 @28th Oct 2016

magic beans magic potions
high will rise the emotions

Magmaring @28th Oct 2016

Very nice update, lets have fun!!!

Red_Dragon @28th Oct 2016

nice one

Scarface_Capone @28th Oct 2016

Awesome! 2 spooky 4 me was one of my favourite updates, it's only gotten better.

Cop_CorrupTor @28th Oct 2016

I have a feeling w/e you do, you should not use a secret command, ever

Srsly now, really nice work guys :D Sacnr still can rockss :D

Mahir @29th Oct 2016

Put bob ross in banner.

DonCorleone @29th Oct 2016

Nice !!!
My favourite update.

Violet @29th Oct 2016


[GSF]Bob_Julian @6th Nov 2016

Not spooky enough.