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Created by Jamie at 7th Nov 2016

We've pushed a new update today with a few new bits:

  • Medics have their own checkpoint! - You can use this to spawn vehicles and refill your health/armour for free
  • There are now medical centers in some of the smaller towns across San Andreas, look out for the hospital icon
  • More airport spawns (planes and helicopters).
  • You can now purchase cameras at the donator party house.
  • Minor text fixes



After a bit of code instability, the halloween update was pulled a few days early. I'm sorry for this, many seemed to enjoy playing it, myself included.

I imagine the players below also enjoyed the update as they all won the grand prize of $5,000,000 while trick or treating, some of them won multiple times!

[ss_striker] (x5), JeeperCreeper (x4), =DCM=Black__MaN (x2), Cosa_Nostra (x2), Dreaze (x2), HermaC (x2), Leatherface (x2), Lorcs (x2), Martian (x2), numskull (x2), =PKM=Charizard, [GSF]Bob_Julian, Abdurrehman_Ar, Ahv, Alliance, Aristotle, BlackFlash, DonCorleone, echo_nV, kaRRigaN, Kenny_Mckormick, LilithV, Mahir, MisterJinx420, ML2000, Nano_UY, PwnFlakes, Scarface_Capone, Scorpion, starboioliver, Tobs, X.K, Zelda and Zeratul420

For those wondering, we had two "secret" commands. The first was "/hocuspocus", we changed it after the first day after it was spoiled in chat very early and took away from the fun of finding it. The second was "/thankswitches". The clues for these were hidden in the last post, including a tiny dot on the end of one of the lines which linked to https://i.imgur.com/m59kLul.png.

Thanks to everyone for taking part, we hope you all had fun!


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Gee @7th Nov 2016

[Fri Mar 18 16:21:59 2016] <@Gee> i want a medic checkpoint

[SS_Striker] @7th Nov 2016

i won halloween and you guys suck

JoK @7th Nov 2016

Good job I remain very well

Scarface_Capone @7th Nov 2016


spindog @7th Nov 2016

wow medick garage
wow cumera

[B.B]ShoNee @7th Nov 2016

good job really, gj

=DCM=SUB_NORMAL @8th Nov 2016

Medical centers and cameras are an awesome update!

Charles_Bukowski @8th Nov 2016

I missed last halloween and this was really great. Lots of hours spent doing new things. Great job

Charles_Bukowski @8th Nov 2016

I almost forgot; The camera update.

This is brilliant and players will love it I hope

AdrianSto @11th Nov 2016

I thought the secret command was /jamie ??