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Created by Gee at 16th Dec 2016

Christmas update 2016!


The battle for Christmas begins!

Last Christmas, we had players help Santa in delivering gifts to houses all over San Andreas. This year, Santa has come back with his festive mission, but so comes the arrival of his nemesis: the Grinch! With a new, not-so-festive mission, the Grinch has hired players to steal gifts from houses everywhere. Players have been split evenly into two teams: Team Santa and Team Grinch! You can see your team by typing /i ingame.


Team Santa:

  • Fill your festive sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • Start your Santa mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is empty
  • (Optional) Refill your sack at Santa's "Grotto"
  • End your Santa mission with /end
  • Get a discount at businesses with a red name


Team Grinch:

  • Start your Grinch mission with /xmasjob
  • Drive to houses on your list until your sack is full
  • (Optional) Empty your sack at The Grinch's "Lair"
  • End your Grinch mission with /end
  • Get a discount at businesses with a green name


Completing your respective missions will enter you into our Christmas Grand Prize. The top player from both Team Santa and Team Grinch will each win a permanent house and business slot added to their account! The team that completes the most missions will also receive a special prize!


We've also decided to award the players in 2nd and 3rd place on the winning team with something interesting too, just as an extra incentive to work as a team towards victory.


Along with the bits above, we've added some new features such as festive cars and haul items, as well as new commands and changes to other commands:

  • /xmashelp - Information on our Christmas event
  • /xmasmsg (/xm) - Send messages to players on the same team
  • /hidegift - Hide gifts for others to find (Open to players of all Regular Player levels!)
  • /gift - Find gifts that others have hid
  • /inventory (/in) - Now includes the number of gifts you have
  • /commands (/cmds) - Includes a list of commands exclusive to our Christmas event
  • /info (/i) - Displays which team a player is on
  • /stats (/sts) - Displays how many Santa or Grinch missions a player has completed
  • /moneybag (/mb) - The money bag has been replaced with a Christmas bauble
  • /??? - The "secret" command from last Christmas has returned


We'd also like to welcome Pixel as a junior member of our development team. She's already jumped right into the code and contributed to this update. We're excited to see what we can do next.


Happy holidays from all of the staff at SACNR!


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Scarface_Capone @16th Dec 2016

Cheers, Thanks for a great Christmas update once again.

LaG_sLaMmEr @16th Dec 2016

Thank you for working hard, but please remove that snow, it's lagging more than rain.

Red_Dragon @16th Dec 2016

Nice eventz. Gg staff team :p

Velho @16th Dec 2016

/lastchistmas <3

XTony @16th Dec 2016


[SS_Striker] @16th Dec 2016

may the best nolifer win

lest play 12 hour per day