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Created by Jamie at 27th Dec 2016, last modified 27th Dec 2016

[32] Scarface_Capone: wtf do I do now


Thanks to everyone who took part in the Christmas event for this year. We had a total of 66,574 gifts delivered over the two weeks the event was live.


As many of you may have worked out, the winning team was Team Santa with 39,298 gifts compared to Team Grinch (who were a slightly bigger team) with 27,276.


By refusing to sleep, eat, leave the house and talk to anyone else over the festive period, we have a stand out winner for each team. Team Santa's winner is Scarface_Capone who delivered 10,666 gifts and Team Grinch's winner is JeeperCreeper with 6,666 gifts. They'll each be allowed to add an extra house and an extra business to their accounts.


The runners up for Team Santa are BLACK_DEATH, in second place, with 5,564 gifts and Nikke, in 3rd place with 5,440 gifts.


We're still putting the finishing touches to the next update and so the prizes for Team Santa and for BLACK_DEATH and Nikke will be announced early in January. This will also be the same time the grand prize winners get their extra property slots.


Profile pages will soon be updated to show the 2016 gift count for each player, feel free to go check the exact numbers everyone else got if that's your thing.


Thank you all again for taking part in this event and making it such a success, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed watching you all go crazy.


Special thanks to:

  • Everyone who donated their hard earned cash to Leatherface in order to fund the events.
  • The admins - For hosting events and keeping everyone busy (even you, Lorcs)
  • Pixel - For coming up with the team idea
  • Gee - For coding and testing it
  • Blacklite - We have to put his name somewhere or he'll ban us
  • Everyone else - For giving me (Jamie) the credit for everyone's hard work


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Scarface_Capone @27th Dec 2016

put bob ross in banner

SinikkaL @29th Dec 2016

put bob ross in banner

ViztA @27th Dec 2016

n i c e

XTony @27th Dec 2016

where is my prize :s

[GSF]Bob_Julian @28th Dec 2016

Grinch, please forgive us for we have disappointed you. This shall not repeat.

LilithV @28th Dec 2016

It's all your fault Bob.

[GSF]Bob_Julian @28th Dec 2016

I am sorry :(

=DCM=KrakeN @28th Dec 2016

And my team? http://www.actitudfem.com/media/files/meme_travolta_chiste_01.gif
Thank you Christmas, I really liked the award! I have fought hard and if people put more desire I could continue but I stop in 6666 because it is useless to win alone

iPuckett @28th Dec 2016

I still wanna deliver to earn money :V

Nicholas_Oliver @4th Jan 2017

I'm really curious about Team Santa's gift. I hope it's really been worth waiting for.