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Created by Jamie at 19th Mar 2017

Hi all,

Following some discussion on the forums in this thread, I've created a new page for people to quickly suggest ideas and then up/down vote them depending on how important they think they are to the server.

You can find it here.

The page is open to anyone currently unbanned, doesn't matter if you're a player or an admin, all suggestions are welcome

The more votes we get, the better idea we have of what you guys would like implemented next so please tell your friends/group members/enemies to come vote too.

Votes will be kept private, allowing people to vote honestly and not worry about what anyone else thinks - admins won't be able to see this list either.

If you have any questions, I've left an FAQ at the bottom of the page, but please ask me on IRC if you need info about anything else.




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Pixel @19th Mar 2017

Good job, now implement button trade.

Invincible @19th Mar 2017

put serbia flag in banner

XTony @19th Mar 2017

1. New players should have full weapon skills
2. Remove LOTS of properties
3. Fix rule 11 - Remove cop hunting rule & take down instead of arrest (or get admins on the same page)
4. Regular updates that change game-play

Jamie @20th Mar 2017

All of these are valid suggestions, if you go to the page, you can hit the "Add idea" button at the bottom and add it to the list.

ADOLF_HIPSTER @20th Mar 2017

put bob ross in banner

Providence @20th Mar 2017

put china flag in banner

Scarface_Capone @20th Mar 2017


SinikkaL @24th Mar 2017

put bob ross in banner

SinikkaL @25th Mar 2017

Tazing is op asf.

ShoarmaSnater @26th Mar 2017


ilovebooty @26th Mar 2017

Make me admin, 7 years of experience in SACNR. I believe I am an amazing player, not a rulebreaker at ALL.