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Created by Jamie at 14th Apr 2017


Easter has rolled around again! The Easter bunny has hidden 100 eggs across the map. Hunt them down and then type /egg while close to "collect" it.

You can check your progress (or anyone elses progress) in /sts.

Depending on progress, we may add some clues in the coming days...

For the duration of the event, /hidetiki is also available to all regular players.


Happy Easter from all of us at SACNR!



In other news, please join us in congratulating Leatherface on being promoted to a lead admin position! I don't think that anyone could disagree that he's done a great job since joining the team just last year. We wish him all the best with his new title.



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Scarface_Capone @14th Apr 2017

Brilliant work dev team.

PS: put easter bunny in banner

Scarface_Capone @14th Apr 2017

Congrats Leatherface, well deserved.

Pixel @14th Apr 2017

Put chocolate bunny in banner

Pixel @14th Apr 2017


XTony @14th Apr 2017

Sometimes eggs don't disappear from my screen after I do /egg. Lets say I collected 29 eggs, would that mean there is only 71 eggs left for other players to collect or just for me?

PS- 29 eggs collected in an hour N 30 mins

Congratz LF

ilovebooty @14th Apr 2017

ml leather

Magmaring @17th Apr 2017

Good Job!

Congratz Leather!