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Created by Jamie at 30th Apr 2017

Update: Thanks for your patience, everything is now up and running again.

Hi all,

The server will be going offline for hardware upgrades at 23:59 UTC tonight (30th April). I'm aiming for this to take 30 minutes but it may last for about an hour.

Downtime will include the game server, the website, the forums and Battletoad. IRC services will remain unaffected.




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HUUMETUKKA @30th Apr 2017


Jamie @1st May 2017

Related to the downtime last week, our database server needed more resources

=DCM=RichMan420 @1st May 2017

Thank you SACNR team.

Jamie @1st May 2017

You're welcome, sir.

CM707 @1st May 2017

30 minutes to 1 hour is not acceptable. SACNR is a necessity in lots of peoples everyday lives.

Very upset to be treated like this for a service I pay nothing to every month.

; (

Jamie @1st May 2017

We understand your pain and hope that in future we can limit downtime to negative numbers.

LaG_sLaMmEr @1st May 2017

wat is battletoad?

Jamie @1st May 2017

Battletoad is an IRC bot which provides players with stats/info.

It's also used to keep bad guys out of #sacnr

Karu @22nd May 2017

what new update sir jamie ?

Jamie @28th May 2017

I think Gee is working on stuff at the moment, I'm sure you'll be hearing about it soon.