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Created by Jamie at 1st Jun 2017

Hello everyone,

First of all, we want to apologize for the long waiting time for this post.
Stuff happens, you get busy, and forget.

Anyway, with this post we want to thank everyone who participated in this years easter event.
Some of you probably noticed already, but we awarded everyone who found all of the 100 hidden eggs 2 tokens.

Here are the stats that some of you were asking for:

  • During the event, 4579 eggs were found by players
  • Out of 184 people who participated, meaning they found at least 1 egg, 25 were able to find all 100.

Those players are:
=DCM=SpArkY, =DCM=VipeR, Bazmany, Cyboorg, Cyrex, Dairis, FlogGnaw, forbidden, Frank_James, HER01NA, HeroX, Ice, Jesse_James, Mahir, Nicholas_Oliver, Scarface_Capone, Tienhette, Tobs, Turbo, zeref420, [SS_InvincibleSRB], [SS_Leatherface], [SS_Lorcs], [WT]Michel and [WT]VippY.

The least found egg was placed in Financial, San Fierro, and required an aircraft to get to it. It was found 33 times.

We hope you enjoyed the event, and that you will join us during the next one.



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Pixel @1st Jun 2017

gj to everyone who found all the eggs.

Markski @1st Jun 2017

put bun ross in banner

=DCM=VipeR @1st Jun 2017

Woop woop! Thank you Pixel and SACNR Staff!

Dairis @1st Jun 2017

Will you update it on our sacnr.com/u/ profiles? Under events category.

Scarface_Capone @1st Jun 2017

Hats off to the SACNR Staff and Dev Team for this event!

We had a lot of fun and will be looking forward to the future events.

Providence @3rd Jun 2017