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Created by Jamie at 7th Jul 2017

Just a few things we've updated since last week:

  • Cops will now have to lower the criminal to at least 40% 50% health before they are arrested.
  • Arrest range has been decreased.
  • An issue where laggy/paused players could not be arrested has been patched.
  • Added a second exit in Caligulas.
  • Potentially fixed a bug in casinos where you would "win" $0.
  • If a suspect is taken down, their medical fees will be related to their wanted value.





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Scarface_Capone @7th Jul 2017

Cheers Jamie,

Looks like it's even more balanced now.

sEarch @8th Jul 2017

OH! Nice update about arrest. Now i can shoot cops back before they /ej and arrest. Good job, Jamie!

ML2000 @8th Jul 2017

nice jamie leet me kiss you

Providence @8th Jul 2017

thank u jesus

XTony @8th Jul 2017

Love this new update.

Potassium @24th Jul 2017

OMG this is the update we've waited 8 years for, this has won me back and I have no doubt it'll bring others back once word gets around. Awesome work team, cannot wait to try it out!