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Created by Jamie at 20th Jul 2017

A few more fixes, brought to you by Gee:

  • We've tweaked some bits to try to make arrests less laggy at times.
  • Suspects now need 50 HP or less to be arrested.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed friends to drive-by with any weapon.
  • Another fix to the "won $0" bug.
  • Fixed a bug where circle catch wouldn't count all clicks.
  • Fix money bug related to casinos.
  • Minor text fixes.


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Turbo @20th Jul 2017


Mahir @20th Jul 2017

It still says 40 percent in /news, you might want to change that.

Pixel @23rd Jul 2017

That's fixed. Cheers.

Scarface_Capone @21st Jul 2017

Cheers guys.