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Created by Jamie at 2nd Oct 2017

Couple of tweaks/smaller updates:

  • Group leaders can re-name their groups with /groupname (/grname).
  • Fix bug with house/business/bank withdraw menus.
  • Prevent being able to use /breakin from inside a vehicle.
  • Remove Player vs AI mode from circle catch after player concerns.
  • Prevent players being able to /bail themselves.
  • Remove requirements to be able to see /hits

As always, if you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.


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Scarface_Capone @2nd Oct 2017

Cheers for this, keep it up dev team.

=DCM=RichMan420 @2nd Oct 2017

Nice, Thanks for your work on the server Jamie. Thumbs up!

Markski @2nd Oct 2017

great tweaks

happy 2nd of halloween