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A clarification on bans for internet cafe users

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Created by Jamie at 9th Oct 2017

Over the last two years we've seen a growing problem with players in internet cafes, primarily from the Philippines, creating hundreds of accounts and ban evading, practically daily. I'm creating this post to hopefully share some info into how bans work and how internet cafes will be dealt with going forwards.


When we ban someone, we ban both the account and the IP address they're playing on, this prevents people from simply creating a new account and logging back in. Time and time again, we get ban appeals saying "Only ban account, don't ban IP" - I'm sorry to say but that's not possible, if you don't like not being able to play because one of your buddies used aimbot, maybe stop them from using aimbot? Asking for us to unban an IP and just ban an account won't change anything, so there's not a whole lot of point asking.

The future for internet cafes

Since every time a ban is made, new accounts get created from the same cafe, we'll be enforcing a new policy. While ANY account in the cafe is banned, new accounts may not be created. If accounts are found, we will assume they're ban evaders and ban them. As you can see from above, this will include anyone else playing on the IP.


Sorry it's had to come to this, but too much of our time is spent dealing with these cafes and not enough time on the rest of the players which deserve the time much more.

Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions.





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Owen @9th Oct 2017

" Ranged Banned "

I am On Range that Server banned it , and Some one of my friends told me lately You shouldn't use Vpn because it's not allowed , and by the way this isn't samp mod so i didn't think it was not allowed since i am not banned , Range is sometimes banned and sometimes not but in total , server down for me til i use Vpn to play , So Wat I should do and All with same problems ?

Jamie @9th Oct 2017

We don't really have any rules against VPNs other than when new accounts are created using them, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

You're free to continue using one.

CM707 @9th Oct 2017

Can I create a new Internet cafe next door to one with lots of cheaters, and allow them to play at mine to evade their bans? Because I'm happy to donate 30% of the money I make by doing this to SACNR if so....

Jamie @10th Oct 2017

Nobody will pay you for Australian internet, dummy.

corny @9th Oct 2017

would be cool if you could fix tazer in a way so one player cant be tazered 5 times in a row by 5 different cops......

Jamie @10th Oct 2017

Already on the roadmap my dude.

Providence @10th Oct 2017

Yeah you should, since probably if you did get tazered 5 times in a row irl you would probably die LUL

Lskeee @14th Oct 2017

i aprove big helo from slkee