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Created by Jamie at 28th Oct 2017

Dead and hella spooky!


Three witches have descended on San Andreas, they were last spotted near Fern Ridge, Las Brujas and at Leafy Hollow. They're selling potions but only to those who posess "Magic Beans". Luckily, these are being given out to anyone trick or treating!

You can drink these potions with /potion (/pt) which can give you a short term effect, this may give you an advantage but they may also make you easier to kill, cost you more money or get arrested much faster. Use them if you dare! You can check your inventory (/in) to see how many beans and potions you have.

The witches have been kind enough to give everyone 1 potion to start the event.

As well as the bits above, The familiar bits are back from last year:

  • Witches have replaced the money bag with spooky cauldrons.
  • Businesses have been ordering spookier items from long haul drivers.
  • A mysterious being has repainted vehicles on the map.
  • Pumpkins have started growing all over San Andreas.
  • Homeowners all over the server are allowing people to Trick or Treat their houses for a chance of winning $5,000,000. (Protection from scary ghosts not guaranteed)
  • Mr. Skeltal, official SACNR provider of healthy bones and calcium has taken over from Anna.

Event Commands:

  • /potion (/pt) - Drink a potion
  • /trickortreat (/tot) - Knock on a door - must be near a house
  • /??? - The "secret" command has once again returned

Special Powers

  • Range: Increased/Decreased range for commands like /rob /arrest /heal and /tazer
  • Medical fees: Increased/Decreased med fees on death
  • Damage: Increased/Decreased attack damage (Only works on players, not vehicles)
  • Kung fu: Fancy fighting style
  • Spicy beans: Be careful when you /fart
  • Nitro cars: Any vehicle you get into has an added extra

Each effect lasts 2 minutes, so use it while you can!


Have fun and Happy Halloween!


PS: Sorry we're running the same update as last year, I had some really cool stuff planned but couldn't get it working (We had some flying NPCs). I'll try to work on it a bit earlier for next time, it'll be worth the wait, I promise.



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=DCM=RichMan420 @28th Oct 2017

Nice, we going to have some fun!

[SS_Striker] @28th Oct 2017

im pleased

Markski @28th Oct 2017

Jamie I don't like your updates becaue you're black

Jamie @28th Oct 2017

Actually, if you had seen my 500 sub face reveal, you'd know I'm actually of Puerto Rican descent.

Pixel @28th Oct 2017

Thank Mr Skeltal

XTony @28th Oct 2017

Awesome! Been waiting for this. Time to camp in ded sacnr :)

Martian @28th Oct 2017

how many secret cmds are there ?

Jamie @28th Oct 2017

Just the one, but it does something slightly different depending on if you have a male or female skin.

Turbo @28th Oct 2017

Fuck! i'll be missing this and looks great! :(

Looks hella fun! Good job

Scarface_Capone @28th Oct 2017


Lskeee @30th Oct 2017

secret comand is lske

kis and enjoy

corny @2nd Nov 2017

fix tz ffs i keep getting frozen for up to 6 fucking seconds this is bullshit

Jamie @5th Nov 2017

The correct place to make your suggestion would be here: https://forum.sacnr.com/forums/7-Suggestions :)

corny @6th Nov 2017

sry i made this right after it happened because i was pissed off

dont approve this comment pls