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Created by Jamie at 5th Nov 2017

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Halloween event this year. It was good to see everyone getting into the spooky spirit again and also seeing some old faces.

Just as last year, the top prize for trick or treating was winning $5,000,000. Congratulations to the following who got this: XTony (7), Canavi[BiH] (5), Scarface_Capone (3), DonCorleone (3), =DCM=RedWing (3), Vyy[] (2), NightWolF (2), [MW]Reflection (2), Martian (2), Ironhide (2), Antifuckgirl (2), ZomBiESoUnD, Waffers, Tobs, Stage6, singham, SilentKiller, ShockWavE, Nicholas_Oliver, [MW]Captain_CHA, [MW]Assassin, mf_brandon, MaxPayNe, Mathias, Markski, Lucky9, Leatherface, [IV]Dagger, ironhide, IceColdKillah, [Hostage], Hero108, Hao, Faylyne, Fate, El_Mariachi, E_Cavani, =DCM=Padrino, =DCM=Anonimo, CB1 and BOSSOFBOSSES.

We also have a few quick updates to share:

Tazers now have a per-player cooldown, this means as soon as a player has been tazed, they can't be tazed again for another 10 seconds. This should allow situations to be slightly more balanced and as a cop, you'll have to put more thought into when you want to use your taser.

Moderator team, we've created a new group of people to moderate chat a little more. They're identified by the "(M)" on their /i textdraws. Their role will be to look after anything which happens in chat, help eliminate spam and hopefully make the atmosphere slightly more enjoyable to be part of.

Our founding members of the team are: Tobs, Invincible, Doncorleone, [WT]Eulogy, =DCM=Viper and XTony. We hope you'll join us in wishing them luck with their new roles.





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Magmaring @5th Nov 2017

Congratz to the new moderators!


Markski @6th Nov 2017

Been awaiting the tazer nerf for a while, can't wait to actually play the game now.

Also, congrats to the new Mod team, hopefully this will keep the server a little bit less toxic and mature.

corny @6th Nov 2017


Slizer @6th Nov 2017


Gangster_nv @11th Nov 2017

gratz to all expect xtony -_-

Cop_CorrupTor @15th Nov 2017

Gj for the 'M' thing, should've been added a long ago, would've helped me a lot actually.. But, it's never too late :D Jamie prooo