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Created by Jamie at 22:38:05 6th Dec 2017, last modified 22:39:10 6th Dec 2017

Our host (OVH) is currently having networking issues in the RBX region after some routine network maintenance went wrong. Hopefully they'll have things back on track soon. Until then we'll have a degraded network experience with higher pings and packet loss.




PS: Happy birthday Finland!


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Charles_Bukowski @11:26:54 7th Dec 2017

so, finskis turn 100 and get a banner, but kanada is 150 since jul. 1st and gets nothing? Atrocious! And angry birds is literally the cancer of all contemporary pop culture.

Also, this is real Finn music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2GwUYHtYmE