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Created by Jamie at 3rd Feb 2018

Nothing major, just a couple of fixes, some of these have already been ingame for a few weeks, we just didn't post about it.

  • Increase player-to-player dice limit to 100m.
  • Fix issue where the circle catch winner message was messed up if nobody played that week.
  • Fix an issue where players could teleport from Fort Carson to LS via the power of tacos.
  • Add Angel Pine and Las Barrancas as bank courier destinations.
  • Add support for $ngm - closest non-group member.
  • Changes to how /day works on Wednesdays.
  • Fix issue where server logs would get spammed every time someone typed /time.
  • Updated website maps with zoomable interface.


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Turbo @3rd Feb 2018


good job

Markski @3rd Feb 2018

and how is any of these non-button additions gonna help me trade wtf

=DCM=Gen.Frankie @5th Feb 2018

--Trade button added--

--Trade button removed--

Vlad @7th Feb 2018

stfu markski

Psst @7th Feb 2018

t r i g g e r e d


Markski REKT HA!HA!HA! :)

LaG_sLaMmEr @5th Feb 2018

Is SACNR still ammu DM server?

[BN]ElFreaK @8th Feb 2018

love the new website maps!