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Created by Jamie at 22nd Feb 2018, last modified 24th Feb 2018

Hi all,

At the end of the current game month, I'll be taking the server offline while we move the some services to the new hardware. This is to ensure that stats are safe and nothing is lost during the move. Instead of having some downtime tonight and some more over the weekend, I'm aiming to do it in one big block to minimise interruptions.

I'll try to get the website moved first in order to continue sharing status updates as we go.

  • Website yes
  • Comms server (IRC, Teamspeak) yes
  • Database yes
  • Game server yes
  • SACNR Monitor
  • Files server
  • Misc sites server
  • Battletoad  yes
  • Dev server yes




Update 23/02/17: What a load of arse that was, Got some moved over, will do some more over the weekend.

Update 24/02/17: The main moves have been done now - just a couple of bits to move tomorrow, no more downtime though :)


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Markski @24th Feb 2018

Things to be moved onto the banner:

- Bob Ross

=DCM=RichMan420 @26th Feb 2018

Good job Jamie! Thank you for your services. Server should run smother right?

xpopx @9th Mar 2018

Thanks for your hard work and dedication, if I had even a quarter of the penis you have, I'd be scorpion!