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Created by Jamie at 25th Mar 2018


Easter has rolled around again! The Easter bunny has hidden 140 eggs across the map. Hunt them down and then type /egg while close to "collect" it.

You can check your progress (or anyone elses progress) in /sts.

Depending on progress, we may add some clues in the coming days...

For the duration of the event, /hidetiki is also available to all regular players.


Happy Easter from all of us at SACNR!



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Scarface @25th Mar 2018


Omkara @25th Mar 2018

Do something about increasing the player count instead

=DCM=Gen.Frankie @25th Mar 2018

Nice! Thank you and Happy Easter from all of us at =DCM= and 420!

Damon @25th Mar 2018

Well done, So Good to See SACNR alive again.

Psst @26th Mar 2018

Fun event, I hope I can get all of them this year :v

Shhh_ @30th Mar 2018

Cheers MW's ! :D