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Created by Jamie at 1st Apr 2018, last modified 1st Apr 2018

Hi all,

Hope you're enjoying the easter event, we'll be concluding that in the next few days so now is your last chance to get some eggs. We're just pushing a small update today to help with some of the balancing complaints we've had over the last few months.

Class balancing

From today, you'll be able to type /op every 90 seconds which will give your class more advantages while removing them from the opposing team. For example, buffed criminals means cheaper weapons and a much reduced tazer range. Overpowered cops increase the cost of things, reduce the robbery range and reduce the amount you can steal from robberies.

The more people who type /op, the more overpowered your class will become. Watch out though, if a cop types this command, it'll reduce the power of robbers and vice versa.

Lottery Balancing

We always get complaints that picking a random number from 0-450 means that the lottery isn't won very often. We hear you. From today, the number that the lottery is drawn from has been greatly reduced to just 15 IDs. We hope this will mean more winners. 


We hope to have more updates for you soon, hope these small changes will help keep things balanced for now.

Have fun!

Edit: We've found a slight bug with vehicle horns, we're looking into this as a top priority.


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Magmaring @1st Apr 2018

i'll try it :D, good job

Scarface_Capone @1st Apr 2018


Violet @1st Apr 2018


Foxy @1st Apr 2018

Nice lotto balance ^^

=DCM=Migis @1st Apr 2018

is this joke?

[WT]Dirty @1st Apr 2018

april fools

BAHKS @1st Apr 2018

Hello bro,

I am unable to access the server. Retrieving information. nothing is shown. Please tell me what is the problem and how it will be fixed??

BAHKS @1st Apr 2018

Hello bro,

Server is down, please fix it..

Jamie @2nd Apr 2018

Hi, As you may know it's easter, we don't have anyone paid to monitor the server all day so if it dies, it'll take a while to come back on days like today.

BAHKS @2nd Apr 2018

I am still unable to access. Please fix my issue. Why it still shows retrieving information..

Jamie @2nd Apr 2018

The server was down again, have you tried yoga or deep meditation?

Timid @1st Apr 2018

Okay.... hahaha...

It legitimately took me until this part "We hear you." to figure out what is ACTUALLY going on roflmao!!

DickLongman @2nd Apr 2018

Tanks tanks admen. Much abuse i swar

Kappa @3rd Apr 2018