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Created by Jamie at 3rd Apr 2018

Hi all, 

Just going to jump straight into this, we've got some Easter event results and some new updates.

First of all, the updates:

In-game voting:

Players can vote on server changes from within any bank (check the glass office at the back). We won't always have a vote active and not all votes will be binding - but we'll try our best.

Drug pickups:

I've hidden some pickups around the map, nothing big but should help people when they're stranded and need some health fast.

Ammunation interiors:

New interiors have been added to ammunations, these have been picked to reflect the external building a little better.

Login error (E2):

I think this has finally been fixed now (hooray), if it comes back, the message has been updated to give some more info.

Misc bits:

  • Anticheat now has a couple more detections to make things harder for cheaters.
  • Server can now detect if the player is using the wrong sa-mp client and can show them which one to use.


This year we had 10,745 eggs collected by 198 players. This is an increase on the 4,579 eggs collected by 184 people last year.

Amazingly, 36 of these players found all 200 hidden eggs, each of them have been given 2 tokens to spend on what they please.


We hope you enjoyed the event and the new updates,




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Psst @3rd Apr 2018

i am happy (ty tobs for helping me find most of the eggs)

nice update, got better fps in new interiors :D

Eero991 @3rd Apr 2018

Did you get the voting thing from runescape ????

Jamie @4th Apr 2018

Yes, it's a good system which is fairly transparent in what's going on. I think the only difference is that we'll not be showing a "live" result as we run the vote - this is to make sure the vote isn't influenced by the votes of everyone else. I think votes should be an individual thing where every player gets to take a private vote and not have to worry about what friends voted for.

The system is set up at the moment with a similar restriction to runescape in that only "members" (donating players) can vote. This is a setting for each vote which can be easily changed depending on how "serious" the end result of the vote would be.

Hopefully we can not only get some proper player-driven movement out of this, we can have a bit of fun along the way.

[SS_Striker] @3rd Apr 2018

i am happy (ty invincible for helping me find most of the eggs)

nice update, got better fps in new interiors :D

Markski @3rd Apr 2018

i am happy (ty tobs and xtony for helping me find most of the eggs even though I didn't quite get to 200)

nice update, got better fps in new interiors :D

Ben18 @3rd Apr 2018

I am impressed. So far, you are the best admin in here. If you were part of the management since the beginning, the server would have 100+ players still.

Ty for the updates.

Jamie @4th Apr 2018

Cheers, as much as I'd like to take the credit, there's a pretty good group of guys and girls around me that got me back into SACNR. I'd stagnated over the last 10 months or so but thanks to the group of people pushing me on, I'm hoping we're getting back into things properly. We're hopefully going to be getting someone else onto the code soon and can start ramping up progress again.

Not sure how others feel but the player count isn't a huge deal for me. I enjoy making content and will continue to do so while people still enjoy playing. We've got no intention of stopping before then.

Vlad @3rd Apr 2018

After liberating us from dictatorship, our saviours gave us the voting machine.

Sacnr is a democratic server now!!!

Jamie @4th Apr 2018



Demote Invincible?

1) Yes.
2) Of course.

puuropuuroo @4th Apr 2018

shit update cant use aimbot snymore