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Created by Potassium at 5th May 2018


We miss you. We miss having lots of players online and large groups of friends to play with, we miss having events constantly, we miss the good 20+ minute-long police chases between cars full of cops and cars full of robbers.

We understand that San Andreas is a pretty old game now, and lots of people have moved on to bigger and fancier games, but SACNR still holds a huge place in our hearts and we're not ready to say goodbye yet.

So today we bring you a different kind of update! Our development team has been working hard to implement community suggestions and come up with new ideas to hopefully bring some life back to SACNR. We've come up with some awesome new features and whole new systems which will be implemented over the next few months, but for today's update we bring you:


The San Andreas map is quite large, but our player-count isn't at the moment. There are players spread out all over the map, and this makes it difficult to find other people to interact with. Today that problem is solved!

We're introducing active city rotation where one of three main cities (SF, LV, LS) will be the "active city" for an entire game week (about 3 hours in real life) before rotating to the next.

The idea is that players will all hang out in one particular city at a time, meaning that there is higher risk of being caught when robbing, police chases will be more intense, and there will be more people to interact with - which should make the game a bit more interesting!

Players can access the whole map at all times, but being in the current Active City gives a bunch of benefits, such as:

  • Players with Wanted Levels 1-5 can rob in the Active City (only Levels 1-3 can rob in inactive cities)
  • Higher robbery profits - players rob more from stores, banks, and casinos in the Active City
  • Higher maximum wanted values - cops get more money for arrests
  • Drugs can be sold for $450 per gram in the Active City ($350/g in inactive cities)
  • Fish caught in the Active City are bigger than those caught in inactive cities
  • Refuelling your vehicle at gas stations is cheaper in the Active City

Every 4th game-week the entire map will open up as the "Active City" again. The rotation works like this:

  • Week 1: Las Venturas
  • Week 2: San Fierro
  • Week 3: Los Santos
  • Week 4: Whole map

We will be monitoring this feature over time, to see how we can tweak it and what new things we could add to work with it!


We've all been waiting for it and we probably all already know the answer - the chainsaw is GONE! Donating players are given access to vote on script changes, and as per our most recent poll, the majority of players voted to remove the chainsaw.

We've also implemented some small suggestions from the forum.

  • Added the quickstring "$bal" to show a player's total money (hand + bank + house banks + biz banks)
  • Increased the time limit to re-attach a long haul trailer that has detached. Was 30 seconds, now 60 seconds
  • Added a bunch of new car spawns around the map (particularly around LSPD as they were lacking)

This is the first of many new updates we have planned for the rest of the year, we are super excited to work on this stuff and see where it takes us, and we'd love if you guys would work with us by always giving us feedback, keep coming up with awesome suggestions (doesn't matter if they're small features or huge game-changing ideas - we'd love to hear them ALL!), and most importantly keep playing and keep being active!

Let us know what you think of this update in the comments!

Happy gaming, and long live SACNR!

<3 Jamie & Potassium



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Scarface_Capone @5th May 2018

Absolutely Beyond Brilliant!


VipeR @5th May 2018

:-( happy I just Rustle around

VipeR @5th May 2018

nvm just read more.
nais i tink. :v Buah

Foxy @5th May 2018

Thanks you potassium and all admin sacnr.. <3


Foxy @5th May 2018

Sorry sir, i think will be nice make new cmds, i mean is make commands (/Cityaktif /CA). This will help new player and someone dont know about City Aktif.

Pixel @5th May 2018

/ci will show which city is currently the active one.

Thach @5th May 2018

Awesome update
No more shitty 20 people chainsaw fights in ammu now :D
I hope we will get more players now

Lucky9 @5th May 2018

Nice update, add double the money of hauling or courier mission in active cities and normal profit in non active cities like always we get.

Potassium @6th May 2018

Unfortunately this isn't really feasible as those missions take you all over the map and don't stay within the active city.

Turbo @5th May 2018

Wow this is great

props to who ever come up with this idea and coders for make it possible

Good job

Jesse_James @5th May 2018

Correct me if I am wrong,so if I play in the active cuty which is,lets say,Los Santos.. am I able to drive to another city,for example San Fierro?
Or the roads will be blocked like in Singleplayer?

Jesse_James @5th May 2018

Oh I just saw that the other cities are available too,but in my opinion its better to play one city at a time..

VipeR @6th May 2018

I was really scared that it'd be one city at a time. I am really happy that it isn't.
You have certain benefits for playing in the active city, that will cause more players to be in the active one.

Markski @6th May 2018

In practice it's kind of the same thing, everyone will want to play in the active city for obvious reasons (and this has proven to work really well for the day and a half it has been implemented, as most of the time doing /ci shows everyone is there), at the same time, it allows people to get out if they need to do anything anywhere else.

Potassium @6th May 2018

Thanks for the feedback! We will never force players to stay in one city at a time because the whole idea of San Andreas Cops N Robbers is for it to be spread across all of San Andreas, and the whole map can be accessed at all times. This is one of the things that makes us different from other CNR servers, and we believe that this Active City feature will encourage players to interact more while still keeping SACNR's core value of being able to access the entire SA map. As with all updates, this is a trial feature, so we will continue to monitor it and if we find that it's not working well or is taking away from SACNR's values then we will change it again :)

Magmaring @5th May 2018

Por Fin!

carb0n @5th May 2018

Active City is a great idea, i'm excited to see how it turns out

SinikkaL @6th May 2018

I like it. I mean, all I do is mess around so most of these changes won't affect me. But these changes should make the server a bit more interesting.

cpt.obv @6th May 2018

This is amazing!

[BN]ElFreaK @6th May 2018

good update! in the last month everyone was plying in LV all time, and I was really missing SF. Yesterday I joined and everything was going on in SF! Cool! hope to see more players active now, for me, ill be playing a little more now (=

Violet @7th May 2018

good update!!. sad i cant play my pc died

Kappa @7th May 2018

Great update. Look forward to seeing more!

Krlostinky @8th May 2018

Amazing :')

But the most amazing fact is that you put your heart in every update, despite the years and how old is the game. GTA SA and SACNR are not a simple game, It's us, ok, I'm sentimental now, Thanks for this, awesome updates, I'm coming back, and hope to still here till it's gone. SACNR <3

Bilal[75] @9th May 2018

Nice update I love this <3

LaG_sLaMmEr @11th May 2018

So, are the long ass chases back?

DEPECHE_MODE @10th Dec 2018

Ooh boy this is wonderful wee wee weee I feel my butthole going tingly-tingly