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Created by Jamie at 7th May 2018

Over the last few weeks we've had a couple of requests to reset house interiors to their pre-token state, we've had to say no since there wasn't a system for it. As soon as the server restarts in a couple of hours, you'll be able to reset them from the /house menu.

To check what the old interior was, I've added an image to house pages on profiles so feel free to check things out there.

Note: When swapping interiors back, you won't receive any tokens, as soon as they're spent, they're spent. This is explained ingame on the confirmations screen too.


  • Increased the cooldown for store robberies.
  • Fixed the skin change at hospitals, it'll now charge you what it says it will charge you.
  • Updated /news to explain latest updates
  • $ldmg clears on a fair death
  • Deaths are now shown in /crimes


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Turbo @7th May 2018

Thanks for this ☺

[SS_Striker] @7th May 2018

im pleased

Psst @7th May 2018

im pleased

cpt.obv @7th May 2018

im pleased

Scarface @7th May 2018

Cheers, well needed.

N7T @7th May 2018

Im pleased

=DCM=SUB_NORMAL @8th May 2018

pleased Im

Great updates lately! Happy to see all this improvement.

But just out of curiosity, why was the store robbery cooldown increased? It doesn't give you much money anyway and not many people rob these (I guess)

Jamie @9th May 2018

Compared to the old system of rob a place, wait to lose 3 stars, rob again - it's still faster.

People were robbing stores and then robbing the next store before the money from the first robbery was even in their account. Give it a go and let me know what you think, I think it's still reasonable :).

=DCM=SUB_NORMAL @9th May 2018

It makes sense. Yeah, maybe I will try it out =)

Markski @8th May 2018

im pleased

[SS_Striker] @17th May 2018

im glad that everyone is pleased