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Created by Jamie at 20th May 2018, last modified 20th May 2018

Over the last few months, we've had several people who have given their accounts to other players in return for donator status or ingame money. Stop giving these people your passwords and report them instead. Anyone found asking for passwords will have their account closed.

If you do give your password away, you will lose your account and if you manage to get it back, you won't be refunded anything you've lost as a result.

On top of this we've also had people using their usernames as passwords. If you do this, you're an idiot. Pick a strong password and don't use your username.

Please read the following thread: https://forum.sacnr.com/threads/44134-Password-Security

If you have any questions, ask an admin.


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DickLongman @20th May 2018

Hey jamie give me your account password.

BOOYAKASHA @21st May 2018

Selling donator status for passwords pm me ingame or skype

cpt.obv @22nd May 2018

no hate but i just know this is a common problem with our pinoy community

SinikkaL @2nd Jun 2018

put bob ross in banner