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Created by Jamie at 10th Jun 2018


  • Fixed issue where locking your car and quitting in your house wouldn't save the car if you met certain criteria.
  • Moved robbery money bag item to the players back, looks much better.
  • Yellow players are now displayed as orange on IRC for visiblility.
  • $hpsts (HP Stats) will show health & armour in chat.
  • Fixed issue where /grname would spam the group leader.
  • Updated some of Anna's spanish lines.
  • Fixed an issue where drug pickups confused the moneybag.
  • Police gates can now be opened by any law enforcement vehicle, no matter who is driving it.


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Markski @10th Jun 2018

Do you realize I spent 20 minutes lurking the themes config in Hexchat wondering why the fuck yellow players were orange.

Also all of these are great, thank you. Specially the moneybag on the back not intruding the player's shot.

wassaby @10th Jun 2018

Very good, especially the last one, I love it.

N7T @10th Jun 2018

Thanks you admin <3

Kappa @10th Jun 2018

I got my suggestion implemented. Yeet

=DCM=SUB_NORMAL @12th Jun 2018

Really good updates! Keep up the good work!