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Created by Potassium at 18th Aug 2018

Hi friends!

We've seen lots of discussion lately about players wanting more info regarding what new features are being worked on, and what the staff team is doing to save SACNR.

We only really make new posts when there is something important to post about, which sometimes isn't for weeks at a time. Today, we change that!

At the end of every week, we will be posting up a "weekly summary" which will describe what the dev team has been working on each week, some of the things we have discussed in our weekly meetings, any script updates that went live, and maybe a few other fun stats! :)

Please understand that some of the features we are working on require a lot of time and effort, so there won't always be a lot to report every week. But we feel that a short post is better than no post!

Eventually we intend to also offer these posts via email (optional, of course) so that's something we are working on too. Would you guys be interested in this?

We'd like to communicate with you guys more, be more transparent about our progress, and get more community input - so this is the start!

We'll start the actual summary posts from next week, but we can tell you that one of the main things we are working on right now is coming up with ideas for a solution to the “biz icon” problem.

We'll leave you with a hint at one of the just-for-fun features we're currently working on too...

Baseball. Cowboy. Trucker. Top.

Any guesses?

Thanks to everyone on the forums who showed interest in knowing more about what's going on - it's good to see that you guys care!


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=DCM=Gen.Frankie @18th Aug 2018

That's great news! Nice to see updates on the server. :D

[SS_Striker] @18th Aug 2018

yay new mission

assault truck drivers with cowboy skin using baseball bats and this is going to be in the top10 stats

Potassium @20th Aug 2018

Wow leak private info !!??

Vex @22nd Aug 2018

great job striker

Kappa @20th Aug 2018

Keep it up(!)

Magmaring @20th Aug 2018

This make me happy and play again :), keep working!
And thx for not giving up!


Krlostinky @23rd Aug 2018

Awesome, thank you guys for keeping this community alive!

"Eventually we intend to also offer these posts via email (optional, of course)" YES on this one.

DeNim @25th Aug 2018

This would be amazing, Can't wait for the new updates. Thanks a lot for keeping this Community Alive. Keep going. Cheers!

DeNim @25th Aug 2018

This would be amazing and more fun. Can't wait for it, Thank you for Working hard and keeping SACNR community alive. Keep going! Cheers