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Weekly Summary - August 24 2018

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Created by Potassium at 24th Aug 2018


Last week we told you that we'll be posting at the end of every week to keep everyone updated on what's going on in the SACNR world, and today we begin!

Click here to see last week's post: https://www.sacnr.com/posts/168-weekly-updates/

This week we...

  • Fixed the bug where new players started $10,000 in debt
  • Discussed what is left to do for our new fun feature (no one guessed it yet??? Hint in last week's post!)
  • Worked on new fun feature, roughly 25% complete
  • Had a lot of discussion and made important decisions regarding a different game-changing huge feature we're adding later in the year ;)
  • Changed website and forum favicon colours from both black. Website is now red, forum is blue
  • Cleaned up the "Bugs/Typos" and "Suggestions" sections of the forum
  • Picked out more suggestions and bugs to work on in the near future and added them to our to-do list

We are working on gathering a bunch of stats to include in our weekly posts - this should be able to start from next week :)

We know what WE think are the most important things to work on right now, but what do YOU guys think are most important? Let us know below :)


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Anonimo @24th Aug 2018

I have no fucking idea what the hint means

Potassium @25th Aug 2018


OutLaw @25th Aug 2018

Yeah, I think we need more interesting features in game as quick as possible and that's what all matter for players most. We should be spending our most time for in game features instead of fixing minor typo/bugs for right now. I mean you can spend the time for in game features instead of fixing very minor things. Need to find a way to bring things as quickly as possible.

Jamie @25th Aug 2018

The "minor bug" that was fixed was fairly major in that ALL new players started with -10k balance. I don't know about you but if I joined a server which immediately put me in debt, I'd leave and not return. Maybe while WE are working on doing what we can to fix things like this, YOU can try to play a couple of months without being cheat banned again.

We'll work on what we want to work on, not what you (as a persistent cheater) think we need to work on.

Vex @25th Aug 2018

Script update
15th Jul 2018
Fixed issue where new players would start 10k in debt.

Jamie @25th Aug 2018

Thought it was fixed, turns out we just pushed the bug somewhere else.

=DCM=Gen.Frankie @25th Aug 2018

"what do YOU guys think are most important?"

Remove the Icons from biz so people can rob, and bring back the old /ar system.

Jamie @25th Aug 2018

The old /ar system won't be coming back, we're long past there now.

Markski @27th Aug 2018

No OnE gUeSsEd It ????????