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SACNR Saturday: Weekly Summary 1st September

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Created by Potassium at 1st Sep 2018

Hi friends,

Time for your weekly dose of SACNR Saturday news!


  • Worked a lot on the new fun feature that no one has guessed yet (come on, guys!)
  • We're training up a new developer to help us work on the script and get new features out faster
  • Fixed up some internal dev stuff
  • Picked some new suggestions to work on in the future


Veteran player Se7en showed SACNR lots of love this week, with the highest total of 46 hours and 30 minutes spent in game! (Se7en is actually online right now as I write this post!)

This was followed closely by El_Salvatore with 42 hours and 38 minutes, and PurpleKush with 38 hours and 45 minutes.

The following players also made the Top 10 Alive Time list for the week:

Stop right there, criminal scum! 1,338 arrests were made this week, with Officer Rodddella taking our Cop of the Week position by sending the most bad guys to jail, with 139 players arrested.

The hospitals must be laughing their asses off because you spent a combined total of $130,822,719 on medical fees this week, which probably happened during the 9,617 crimes you all committed. Hopefully you managed to stay away from our Top Robber potato, who stole money right out of the pockets of 185 unsuspecting players.

We welcomed 119 new players this week, and peaked at 22 players online at a time, with 321 accounts logged into across the 7 days.

We were quite surprised by some of these stats and it's super encouraging to know that a lot of people are still around. Long live SACNR!

See you next week <3



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Kappa @1st Sep 2018

112 new accounts? Wish I saw that figure in game.

Jamie @1st Sep 2018

hurr durr I ignore replies to this comment every time so i'll keep making it hurrrrrrrrrrr

Vex @1st Sep 2018

who is the new developer though ? invincible ?

Jamie @1st Sep 2018

All in due course.

Anonimo @1st Sep 2018

Did you say... COP OF THE WEEK?
Prepare your asses criminals, that title is mine next week (if my job give me some time to play)

[SS_Striker] @1st Sep 2018

it's all over lawbreaker, your spree is at an end, i'll take any stolen goods you have, the next move is yours

wassaby @1st Sep 2018

Good luck guys!

N7T @2nd Sep 2018

Awesomeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!
Denim bad boy !!

DeNim @3rd Sep 2018

Will try to be the robber of the week by next time :V

[driftking]zOz @7th Sep 2018

i'm up for development if needed , i have few knowledge about scripting and willing to learn more .