Hi friends! Hope you've all had a great week <3

This week we added a temporary solution to the Biz Icon problem - there is now a chance of robbing the maximum business robbery amount ($800k) from businesses with icons! We are still looking into bigger ways to change the Icon system, but we believe that this is a good solution for now.

This update should be good news for potato, who took our Robber of the Week spot by robbing a whopping 536 players. Sorry DeNim, you were 2nd this week! Perhaps this is also why potato was peed on 20 times this week!

Maybe the update will also make our total number of crimes committed rise from 10,143 this week, to a much higher number next week. I want to see it!

Good news for the hospitals, but probably not so good for the players, our total medical fees for the week are higher than last week at $150,354,033. Why are we dying so much? Is it because we can't get away from Cop of the Week Officer Tobs fast enough? 354 players definitely seem to think so after being caught by him! The rest of the 1682 arrested players obviously had faster cars than Tobs!

PurpleKush once again proves that he's the SACNR-addict of the week, spending 60.5 hours in-game this week. Do you ever sleep?!

episodes once again comes in second for play time this week with 48.5 hours, and DeNim takes 3rd place with 37 hours!

These stats are closely followed by the rest of our Top 10 Alive Time for the week:

Chinchilla seemed to do a lot of driving this week, refuelling 136 times! I assume with a biz name like "selling children", you were probably running from the cops most of the time.

We welcomed 128 new players this week, and had 345 different people logging in as we peaked at 23 players online at once.

See you all next week!