Wow, has it been two weeks already? Our weekly summary will now be fortnightly (every 2 weeks) for a while! Pls no comments about Fortnite, I beg you.

Jamie has worked hard on the server this fortnight, fixing a bunch of bugs and enhancing some of our systems. Some of the updates we've received from him this week are:

  • [NEW] The Active City is now RANDOM and not in a specific order. As with all new features, we will be monitoring this to see how well it works and if it needs any changes!
  • [NEW] Added some more items to Long Hauls
  • [BUG FIX] The Active City bank can now be robbed by players with Wanted Levels 1-5
  • [BUG FIX] Drugged players' health will now refill in jail
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated the zoning system to divide all towns into the 3 main cities - map here:
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Fixed some typos
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Made some texts easier to understand
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated Anna text, removing the messed up characters
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated the news banners at the bottom of the screen, they'll no longer say the same thing for months.

All of these updates are now live on the server.

We also have a vote live at the moment for moving the requirements for /hidetiki down from regular player level 9, to level 7. This would also mean bumping the minimum amount from $30k to $100k. You've got until the 20th of October to vote so head to your nearest post bank and have your voice heard!

Our SACNR Addict this fortnight is our favourite doctor episodes with 60.5 hours played since our last Summary post! episodes is, of course, also our Top Medic again with 285 players healed!

Lucky9 is almost as addicted as episodes, with 59 hours spent on SACNR this fortnight, and Mr. potato at 57.5 hours!

It's nice to see some different players in the rest of the Top 10 Alive Time this fortnight too!

Spending lots of time in-game probably means that you'll be at the top of other lists too. That is definitely true this fortnight with Lucky9 taking out our Top Robber position by robbing 572 players out of our server total of 7,340 players robbed. His thirst for crime obviously wasn't quenched by robbing those players, as he also committed 1,560 crimes out of our server total of 32,566!

348 of those crimes were stores robbed by MA_Malik, Polymorph, and ABDULLAH, which may explain why ABDULLAH spent so much money on weapons, as he gave Ammu-Nation a huge $5.8M in sales! It is not surprising that Polymorph also spent a large amount of cash on weapons, as he completed 57 Hit Contracts this fortnight! This is probably also why he was /pee'd on more than any other player!

Perhaps there were lots of Hits on ABDULLAH, since he managed to die the most times out of every player this fortnight! Or maybe he was arrested a lot by our Top Cop PurpleKush who put 317 players in jail out of our server total of 4,200! Tobs will not be happy. PurpleKush also died a lot, so maybe these two are a good Cop vs Robber match! Thanks to all of their deaths, we paid a server total of $476M in Medical Fees this fortnight!

We peaked at 24 players online at a time, welcomed 154 new friends, and had 441 players logging in over the last 2 weeks.

See you in 2 weeks!