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SACNR Sun... Tuesday: Fortnightly Summary

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Created by Potassium at 23rd Oct 2018

Hi all,

We mentioned a while ago that we were training someone else up to help us out with development, so you can now thank Markski for making some of these changes, and look forward to him being a part of the team in the future :)

Haha, you thought there weren't gonna be any stats this fortnight! This was totally planned and totally not a technical problem, we just wanted to trick you... ha ha got u!!!1!!1!

It's a really close one between our Cops this fortnight, with BAHKS managing to arrest 287 players, while Turbo came in second with 264! And then we also have Tobs right behind on 263! I swear when I play as cop no one turns red, but clearly that's not the case as we arrested 5,133 criminals all together this fortnight!

DeNim didn't make the robbery lists this fortnight, so I really wonder what we did with all the guns that he spent $6,184,164 on! Maybe he killed everyone, because we paid a total of $513,722,223 in medical fees in 14 days!

Out of 36,537 total crimes committed, potato robbed 480 unsuspecting players while SwirlyMan held up 66 banks!

Saving the best for last, we have our Addicts of the fortnight. BAHKS and Zeratul420 tied for SECOND place, both with 62 hours. The rest of the top 10 Alive list was:

DeNim - 55h

Aaly[] - 46.5h


Peat_12377 - 45h

XTony - 44.5h

Shhh_ 42.5h

potato - 39.5h

And in first place this week is, of course, episodes with... 80 HOURS! I just want to point out that that's more than a full-time working week for most people! We obviously need to give Medics something else to do as episodes healed a grand total of... 1,103 players... in 14 days. Just to put it into perspective, the player who came in 2nd on the Medic list healed 87 players. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in! Thank you for your service, doctor!

We hit a peak of 28 players at a time, had 547 total logins, and welcomed 297 new accounts!

See you next fortnight, maybe ;)


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B.K @8th Nov 2018

when will we are going to have next summary

B.K @9th Nov 2018

Please update the new summary potassium

B.K @10th Nov 2018

I think summary thing is over. #gotnoreply and no update on web

B.K @22nd Nov 2018

There should be a monthly semmary now with addition of most stores, bank, biz, houses robbed along with most crimes committed, mfee, hits completed, players robbed, players healed and points scored. You can also add players winning mini events