Some of these updates have been in the game for a while, but were never announced or documented.

Minor changes:

  • Players can now shoot in their properties without gaining wanted stars.
  • Blista Compact has been added to the car shop.
  • Cops should now be able to take part in Deathmatch-related events, with no need to change their class.
  • Active cities are still random, but will no longer be repeated in a row. (No more SF->SF->SF->SF in a single game month).
  • When the active city changes, it is now announced on chat.
  • You can now activate an experimental HUD that uses the minimum amount of space on the screen as possible, sacrificing non-essential information. Activated with "/hud min". - Works better with kill-feed deactivated.
  • The Regular Players Club can no longer be abused by cops. You can still enter it without restrictions if you want to use it for hiding, but it will no longer heal you if you recently did.
  • Added a cooldown to enter and leave Ammunations in order to avoid players with high pings abusing interior changing.
  • Players can now use "." to send group messages. (.message)

Major changes:

  • Players can now duel other players with the /duel command.

    Players in a duel won't pay medical fees, and are unable to harm other players. They will be given a countdown, and the results are announced on the main chat. It will also make fights more fair by telling you if your opponent used drugs or bought armour, and avoiding medic heals. Duels are ended when one of the duelers is killed, or is attacked/arrested by an external player.

  • Long haul missions can now be done in groups.

    You can join a group-mate's long haul job with the /joinhaul command. This will allow missions to be completed by several players in a group with the same pick up and destinations. These groups of truckers can be as big as you want, and the first arrival will get a small bonus over the rest of the truckers in that convoy.

  • A new Ammunation has been added to Esplanade North, San Fierro. You can find it next to Pier 69.

System changes:

  • Threads and posts in Invite-Only forum groups are now private.
  • Command lag should no longer be a problem.
  • Anticheat improvements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Like all new features, these are subject to change, and suggestions for improvement is always welcome in the forums or Discord.

Thanks to all the people who suggested some of these changes. (XTony, Polymorph, HUUMETUKKA, =DCM=Kraken, =DCM=Viper, Roel, wT_Wassaby)